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October is I :::Heart::: Paranormal Romance month at my blog. During these next thirty-one spooky days, besides the usual blog posts, I’m featuring authors who write paranormal romance. Today, I have USA Today bestseller Lilith Darville in the interview chair. We’re discussing Tate’s Tale, book one in the Sexy Sins Afterlife Retreat series. Be sure to check out the excerpt.


1. What drew you to writing paranormal romance?

Lilith:  The chance to create a new world with loads of magical creatures and reverse harems.

2. What do you like most about writing paranormal romance?

Lilith:  Building harems.

3. What do you like least about writing paranormal romance?

Lilith:  I haven’t found anything so far. I love writing paranormal romance!

4. Why did you write the book you are featuring?

Lilith:  I wanted to explore a second chance romance dealing with the afterlife.

5. Why do you think readers should invest their time in reading paranormal romance?

Lilith:  To get lost in the magical world of fantasy (pun intended) that will always end in happily ever after.


Book Title: Tate’s Tale
Series: Sexy Sins Afterlife Retreat, book one
Author: Lilith Darville
Sub-Genre: Reverse Harem with angels, demons, vampires, wolf shifters and mythology
Book Length: 208 pages, 54,000 words
Release Date: August 20, 2020
Publisher: Self-Published

Removing a demonic threat? She might be able to handle that. Keeping her hands off her four exquisite teammates? Not so much.

Blurb:  Tate Spencer’s biggest problem isn’t that she’s dead. In fact, at the moment, getting ripped from her comatose body and thrust into an in-between afterworld is the least of her many worries.

The biggest being the smoking hot Angel of Death guarding her every move as she sets out to rid the Sexy Sins Afterlife Retreat of an incubus invasion.

Right, she’ll get right on that.

Or not. Maybe she’ll get on one of her other three hunky bodyguards instead because they seem to think death definitely becomes her. . .

But before things can heat up, she discovers another challenge she’s not sure she’s ready for. Becoming the mate of all four of her gorgeous supernaturals.

Yeah, she may be forty-five and fiesty, but that’s gonna be a lot to handle.

And with the clock ticking on her mission, she must hurry to stop the salacious demon preying on unsuspecting women before it’s too late. Which makes juggling her seductive suitors harder than ever.

Can Tate get her long-lived lovers in line and survive a month of uncontrollable desire? Or will she screw things up in more ways than one?

Note:  Tate’s Tale is the sizzling first book in the Sexy Sins Afterlife Retreat paranormal romance series. If you like snarky heroines, crackling chemistry, and a smoldering cast of hot-blooded men, then you’ll adore Lilith Darville’s irresistible romp.

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“Am I dead?”

Those are the first words out of my mouth after I land flat on my ass in a throne room. At least, I think it’s a throne room. One minute, I was hovering above my comatose body, hoping the angel of death would actually look like Joe Black—yes I have a Brad Pitt fetish. The next, I was plucked out of the room and deposited here. Still dressed in my haute couture hospital gown, I might add. *sigh* Yeah, that’s exactly how I want to be dressed when I make my appearance at the pearly gates. Wait—pain and nausea grip my middle. So, not the pearly gates. My head swims, and I keep it bowed while I take inventory.

I pinch my arm . . . Ouch. Okay, I have corporeal presence. Visions of the tornado in The Wizard of Oz drift through my mind. Not the pearly gates. Not Kansas. Oz is also highly unlikely. Then where the hell am I? I turn in a circle and find my bearings in the iridescent eyes of a stunning woman sitting on an ornate chair. Her flowing gown shimmers as she raises her arm. A second later, a blanket wraps around my shoulders. I tug it across my front, suddenly aware that I’m freezing. At least I’m not in hell . . . I doubt they have manners there.

“No child, you are not dead. You’ve been chosen for a special mission. We don’t have much time before the transition sickness takes hold. Please listen carefully. My name is Hera, and I’m Queen of the Olympian gods.”

“Where am I?” I don’t care who she is, and this nausea is making me more than a little salty. If she thinks I’m going to sit here quietly and just take whatever she’s dishing out, she’s got another thought coming.

I open my mouth to speak . . . and can’t. The mouth opens, but not a sound comes out. What the fuck? I glare up at Hera. She graces me with a guess-who’s-in-charge smile.

“You are in Bardo.”

I give her the stink eye. I studied the classics in university, and I know that, as queen of the gods, she has few redeeming qualities.

She looks down at me and smiles. “Don’t believe everything you hear. I’m sure I have many good traits.”

Name two.

“You’d do well to watch that mouth of yours. I’ve killed for less.”

So, she reads minds. Great.

“Bardo is the realm between realms. Welcome. This will be quick because we have very little time before the ascension cold fever takes over. Right now, your earthly body lies in a coma, allowing you to do the work we need. You will take over as director at one of our schools for one of your Earth months.”

Delight battles pain as I realize what she’s saying. If this is the afterlife, I can find out what happened to my husband, Bob. Find out if our love was so pure that he’s gone on to another life. My heart hammers with fear and hope. Maybe, just maybe. My teeth chatter so hard I’m scared they’ll chip, but I manage to stammer out the words.

“Is my husband here?”

“Yes. He’s here doing the work he needs to do.”

My heart does a happy dance, dampened by this damned sickness that’s overtaking me. “I need to see him.”

“Child, I’m going to speak in your vernacular. Refuse to do this work for us, and we’ll pop your ass right back in your body where you can wait another fifty years to see your beloved Bob. Or, do the work you’re chosen for and spend the rest of eternity with him.”

Well, that was clear.

At least I know how to run a college. But you can’t solve organizational problems in a month. Definitely not. Nothing much gets done in the first ninety days if any manager worth her salt is doing the job properly.

“And if this examination center of yours isn’t in order in a month?” I so want to give her the stink eye again, but she’s just so damned intimidating. Everything about her screams, “Don’t fuck with me.” It’s insane that Zeus was able to fuck around on her and live to tell the tale.

Hera showers me with a triumphant smile. “I have every confidence that with the examiners’ help, you’ll set things right at the Sexy Sins Retreat.”

And speaking of all things weird, who on earth picked such a cheesy name? I mean, really. Of course, then again I’m talking about an entity that marries her brother who, in turn, cheats on her—

The pain ratchets up a notch.

“You’d do wise to park that attitude of yours up here.”

More mind reading. Awesome.

“I don’t need to read minds when looking at a face as expressive as yours. The name was my idea, and I certainly hope one of the lessons you’ll learn is to be far less judgmental.”

By now, the pain and nausea are so bad I can barely breathe. I. Am. Not. Judgmental.

“Ah, the ascension cold fever has set in. You’ll need that taken care of. Once you’re over the transition symptoms, the examiners will orient you to your role. Good luck, child.” Hera stands and disappears in a flash of light. I lie huddled in a muddled mass of misery.

Wait. But . . . but all I can do is hold my head as a severe headache hits and intense cold racks my body. Then, I’m in the air and snuggled against a large, warm body. Heat.

I look up and catch a glimpse of brunette curls framing the most beautiful and familiar face. My mind searches for a thought it can’t find—only pain and the need to get rid of it exists. Hera’s voice, real or imagined, echoes in my brain.

“One last piece of advice, child, things here are not always what they appear to be. Follow your heart, and all will become clear.”


Lilith Darville is a USA Today bestselling author of dangerously delicious romances, including a sizzling paranormal shared love series. With over forty years of storytelling experience, her stories are guaranteed to make readers flush and blush. She lives in Ontario with her beloved Hubster and their somewhat challenged cat. Check her website for the skinny @

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