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Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

Since I am currently in the “proofing” stage with my publisher for Real Warriors, I thought it was time to give you a sneak peek at the fourth and final book in the When We Were Young series for this edition of WIP Wednesday.


Check out the opening scene for Real Warriors:

April 1999
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Talk about being blue-balled. Yeah, Billy understood René’s point. Waiting to finally do the deed would be more special when they were officially together, but a guy could only hold his nuts on ice for so long before they froze.

He stared out the airplane window. The Dash Eight couldn’t compare to the jet René always caught to Toronto. Instead, Billy was on a half-full forty passenger tube of meh status. On the plus side, they did offer free pop and peanuts. Not too shabby.

René had urged Billy to take this flight because the plane landed on the island, a car-ferry ride across the lake to downtown Toronto where René resided.

Having never flown before, Billy had spent his time staring out at towns, cars, and people who resembled the tiny toys he used to play with as a kid—anything to keep his mind busy after René’s visit at the end of February.

Billy was making the trip to help pack René’s belongings, give the city that had taken the guy he loved from him the middle finger, and then haul René back to Thunder Bay where he belonged.

Okay, checking out Church and Wellesley, aka the gayborhood, might be cool. Keith and his lover, Brooks, were taking them out for dinner at the restaurant where René joined the couple once a week that catered to the LGBT community.

Warmth filled Billy. No more hiding…for a couple of days. They’d get to hold hands or walk with their arms around each other. Complete and utter freedom. He could proudly let the city know René Oshawee belonged to him.

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