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Today, I’m hosting author Ofelia Martinez and her latest release Remission, book one in the Heartland Metro Hospital series, a contemporary romance.  Be sure to check out my review of this novel.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: Remission
Series: Heartland Metro Hospital, #1
Author: Ofelia Martinez
Publication Date: June 30, 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance

He nearly destroyed her career. So why can’t she stay away from him?

Blurb:  As Dr. Carolina Ramirez’s career is taking off, she gets incredible news. Dr. Hector Medina, the doctor she idolized as a teenager and whose research she used to design her cutting-edge clinical trial, is joining her team. As her boss.

But they say you should never meet your heroes, and Carolina is about to get far more than she bargained for. She knows a liaison with her boss is a bad idea. But in addition to the intellectual spark they share, there’s an undeniable physical connection between them she can’t seem to ignore.

Then it all goes wrong and instead of explaining himself, he skips town, nearly destroying her—and her career—in his wake.

Seven years later, he’s back and opening up old wounds she’d thought long healed. She’s recovered her career, her reputation, and her confidence despite his devastating betrayal. She should hate him. Instead, she finds herself drawn to him once again.

Why can’t she get him out of her head? And why does her body still react to him after so many years apart?

Note:  This steamy, slow-burn, medical romance has a wonderful happily ever after and is perfect for fans of Mariana Zapata, Alexis Daria, and TL Swan. 

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Caroline has always admired Hector.  She knows who he is since she’s studied his work in oncology as a medical student, an intern, and then as a doctor.  For personal reasons, she’s chosen to become a doctor specializing in cancer that is the meat of the plot.

Hector is a master in his field of oncology.  When he meets Caroline for the first time, he’s impressed.

This duo does have one problem though—he’s married and he’s her boss.

This was my first peek into medical romance.  I have heard of it, so I wanted to give this a try.  I will say the author’s research is bang on.  I really felt like I was in the hospital, going from ward to ward and conference room to the cafeteria and lounge with the characters.  We’re even introduced to a patient who is part of Caroline’s research.

Did I feel this was a true medical setting?  Very much so.  The author excels here.  Did I feel as if I was in the romance at a hospital?  Very much so.  The setting is key because it brings to life Caroline and Hector’s relationship.

The romance simmers beneath the research and work taking place at the hospital.  The love between Caroline and Hector spans nine years.  I will admit I’m not a fan of starting with the present day and then spending a good ¾ of the novel in the past.  To me, that’s backstory, while the meat is what’s happening in the here and now.  But because I enjoyed the very strong and determined Caroline, and the just as strong and determined Hector, I continued to read.

The reward I received was a well-deserved building of a relationship between the two characters, and a great arc for Caroline since the story is told in the first person through her POV.  I would have preferred to delve into Hector’s brain, as well, but that did not happen.

Overall, this is a great introduction to medical romance.  If you enjoy hospital settings, doctors daring to taste the forbidden, and a slow-burn romance that shifts time periods, you’ll enjoy Remission, which is aptly named.  The writing is strong.  The characters pretty much pop off the page.  And there’s a great cast of secondary characters.

Do yourself a favour and get yourself a copy.


Ofelia Martinez is a Mexican-American romance author. Originally from the Texas border, Ofelia now resides in Missouri with her partner and their dog, Pixel.

She loves good books, tequila, and chocolate. Though she identifies most with Makoto Kino, she proudly shares a birthday with Usagi Tsukino. When not writing, you can find Ofelia making visual art.

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