Maggie Blackbird

Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

In Canada we are celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day, so the blog is closed.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post!  For those who are celebrating, enjoy this special day!


2 thoughts on “National Indigenous Peoples Day

  1. fionamcgier says:

    I hope you enjoy your celebration. When our kids were young, we used to attend local Pow-Wows. The kids loved the drum circles and the dancing. They liked the costumes and the spectacle of it all. They also loved fry-bread–both as part of tacos, and with jelly and/or powdered sugar on top. Husband was reading a lot of Native American philosophy (ie, Black Elk Speaks) when I was pregnant with the last child–our only girl. So we wanted to immerse our kids in a culture that was older than ours, but still a huge part of the USA we wanted them to feel a part of. It’s been a while since we attended a Pow-Wow. I think we may need to do something about that soon–there’s always a huge one up at the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee, WI. We’ve even stayed for the fireworks when they were celebrating a special anniversary. Good times. Enjoy yours.

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    1. It was a wonderful day!


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