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In my previous post, I reviewed the first two books in the Edisto Trilogy that you can read here, so today, as promised, I am reviewing the final book in the series Edisto Song, a contemporary Christian romance.

Title: Edisto Song
Series: The Edisto Trilogy Book 3
Author: Lin Stepp
Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

In EDISTO SONG a young woman, at the pinnacle of success, is forced to reexamine her dreams as she finds her life as a concert pianist not what she envisioned and those her life is entwined with far from what she believed of them.

Blurb:  Sarah Katherine Avery, becoming internationally known as a young concert pianist of great promise, finds herself at a difficult moment in her career-home in New York, getting ready for a concert with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra but feverish and ill. After pushing on for weeks through illness, her neighbor and friend encourages her to talk to her agent about taking a break for healing after this concert. Worn and disillusioned, Sarah heads over to the concert hall to talk to Jonah but the shock of what she encounters at that meeting spirals her life in a new direction.

Andrew Cavanaugh has traveled to New York from Beaufort to be a support to his boss’s daughter, Sarah Katherine Avery-Suki to him-for her concert performance. A friend of Suki’s since childhood years at Edisto, and always a supporter of her gift and her music, Andrew is shocked when Suki collapses on stage. He learns as he sits with her at the hospital that her life holds unhappiness none of them knew of but her answers for how to resolve her current problems threaten to send his well-ordered life right out the window.


The third and final book in the Edisto Trilogy focuses on Claire’s youngest daughter Suki, who is now all grown up and living her dream in NYC as a concert pianist.  Or is she living her dream?  When she falls apart in the middle of a concert after witnessing the unthinkable, Suki beings to reassess her life.

Andrew has flown up to NYC on behalf of Claire and Parker to cheer for Suki at her latest concert.  What he doesn’t expect is to accompany her to the hospital after she collapses on stage.

Thus begins another journey to Edisto.

I must say, the introduction of the new cast of characters and the look into Japanese culture was a true bonus to this wonderful read.  The same with the wise advice from Kizzy, who I think everyone wishes for in a mentor.

As for Suki, she had a nice big character arc to complete.  The novel looks deeply into anxiety and fear, and how Suki must find her faith to overcome what has stalled her.

Andrew, on the other hand, has a big mystery to solve.

The romance is a very slow burn, and there is minimal conflict.  The conflict lies in Suki, and Andrew’s mystery.

It was great seeing the other characters we met in the previous two novels.

I wouldn’t call Edisto Song so much as a romance, but a wonderful small-town contemporary Christian fiction with hints of romance.

The author brings to the novel her talent of weaving a story into different sub-plots and even ties up the end of the trilogy with a big surprise.  I found this the perfect way to end the series.

If you enjoy small-town Christian romance, you will enjoy Edisto Song, especially when Suki surprises readers by showing she can take charge at the beginning of the novel when she’s in the hospital with Andrew.  That was a nice twist I really enjoyed.

I recommend you give the series a try.  You won’t regret it.

Have you read Edisto Song?  If so, do you agree with my review?  If you haven’t read the book, would you be willing to now?

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