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June is I :::Heart::: Erotic Romance month at my blog.  During these next thirty days, I’ll be featuring authors who write erotic romance, besides the usual blog posts.  Today, I have Lil DeVille in the interview chair.  We’re discussing her erotic romance The Stable Boy’s Roughneck Ride, book one in the Cloned Heat series.  Be sure to check out the excerpt.


1. What drew you to writing erotic romance?

Lil:  Honestly, I thought it would draw a bigger audience than the other things I write. So far, that hasn’t been true.

2. What do you like most about writing erotic romance?

Lil:  It’s fun because I can be outrageous and a bit silly with it.

3. What do you like least about writing erotic romance?

Lil:  It may seem funny, but I don’t really like sharing explicit samples. Also, people tend to misjudge authors who write erotica.

4. Why did you write this book you are featuring?

Lil:  For fun.

5. Why do you think readers should invest their time in reading erotic romance?

Lil:  They might be surprised at how good the stories are.


Title: Cloned Heat I: The Stable Boy’s Roughneck Ride
Series: Cloned Heat, Book One
Author: Lil DeVille
Sub-Genre: Sci-Fi
Erotic Elements: M/M Menage
Book Length: 18 pages, 3,504 words
Release Date: January 13, 2021
Publisher: Naughty Netherworld Press

The pleasure clone knew just how to thank his roughneck rescuers.

Blurb:  When Pingucury raiders attack their rig, hunky roughneck clone foreman Iker and his equally buff pal Peregrine are forced to flee. While seeking shelter, the friends encounter Ohannes, a sweet and submissive pleasure clone who offers them shelter.

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“You are, of course, correct that my primary function is serving the erotic needs of my masters,” Ohannes confirmed. “I am sure that in his absence, Master Blackwood would be well pleased for me to serve his honored guests. The Master enjoyed watching me submit to his companions, many of whom remarked that they never had their cocks sucked so masterfully before. In the absence of Master Blackwood, you are my masters. How may I serve you?”

“You may suck his cock while I prepare your hot ass for a good pounding,” Iker replied, slapping Ohannes’ buttocks. “Oh, Perry, you’re too much with that shocked look. Did you really think I wasn’t going to take advantage of what this stud has to offer? He was literally bred to please man, and this man hasn’t been pleased in too long. It’s not like you’ve gotten laid recently either.”

“Very well, I suppose it would be impolite to decline the good fellow’s kind offer,” Peregrine agreed, his throbbing cock springing from his pants as he undressed and reclined on the bed, gasping with pleasure as Ohannes wrapped the head of his cock in soft, pink lips.


Lil is the Very Naughty side of Team Netherworld/Naughty Netherworld Press. Cheeky and mysterious, Lil enjoys writing sweet and spicy stories that are heavy on the tongue in cheek. Lil’s picture is a free-use image from Pixabay by artist DeeDee51 (Dina Dee). When not cooking up hot plots, Lil enjoys cooking up hot baked goods.

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