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Today, I’m hosting author Leigh Kenzie and her latest release Morte, book five in the Vendetta series, a dark m/m romance.  Be sure to read my review of this novel.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.



COVER morteBook Title: Morte
Series: Vendetta, Book 5
Author: Leigh Kenzie
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: March 18, 2021
Genre: Dark M/M
Trope/s: Dark M/M Mafia, enemies to lovers
Themes: Forced Submission, Kink, Non-con
Heat Rating: 5 flames
Length: Approx 49 000 words

Family is more than blood.

Blurb:  Allesandro

I won’t kneel to a traitor. I won’t let my enemies rip my Family apart. If they think they can take my power away, I’ll bring death right to their door.


Memories seep into me, taunting me, choking me. I feel like I’m crumbling and have no idea how to make it out. Can I keep myself together or will death stalk me too?

What happens when vengeance isn’t enough?

Trigger warnings: Contains graphic violence, extreme sexual situations, homophobic scenes, and other material that may be distressing. It is intended for a mature audience of 18+ Please see inside for more warnings.

Note:  This is a continuous series. The first four books must be read prior to this one. Ends on a cliffhanger.

Warnings:Please be advised this book contains graphic violence, torture, and murder. It also includes non-con, psychological torture, and various kinks. PTSD and other mental health issues are depicted in this book. The book also includes significant homophobic scenes. While there is no onpage abuse of minors, it is discussed. Please be advised some of those scenes and resulting actions may be upsetting. Some readers may find this material triggering. It is intended for a mature audience 18 years of age and up.

Morte T4


“What do you mean you lost them?” I snarl at the soldier in front of me. Ignacio’s steady presence is behind me, most likely he’s here trying to calm my murderous rage. Fuck, it’s a good thing I don’t have a weapon on me, or this sniveling coward would already be on the ground staining the beautiful floor with his blood. Probably why I’m not allowed weapons in the house.

“They just…disappeared,” the soldier whispers, cowering and trying to shuffle backward. That’s not going to happen.

“Well, this looks cozy. Where’s Il Padrone?” Antonio walks into the library, coming up to me and bumping his shoulder against mine. I blink, distracted, letting the fury ebb away.

“He’s visiting with his uncle in his office,” I murmur, splitting my attention between Antonio and the soldier in front of me.

“Well, that’s not fun. It’s been too long since we’ve had fun.”

I raise my eyebrows when Antonio moves in front of me and cups my face in his hands. He leans in and covers my mouth with his, running his fingers up to my hair. My breath hitches as his full lips mold to mine, and I can’t resist wrapping my arms around him. We’ve never kissed before, but all the teasing we’ve done since the day we made our truce in his room comes rushing back when he groans. I take advantage and push my tongue into his mouth, coaxing more of those delicious sounds from him. My hands can’t decide where to touch him, all I know is I’m burning for his touch. He pulls back for air, and I lean forward, nipping at his neck, enjoying the way he shudders against me. I’m so distracted I don’t hear the footsteps heading toward us. The moment a hand clamps down on my shoulder, I jump. Fuck. This can’t be good.

I’m roughly yanked around and meet the eyes that I always seem to lose myself in, every, single, time. Even now, when their vivid blue has darkened in rage, I can’t help but think they’re the only thing that tethers me in this life. He brings me comfort no matter what I see reflected back at me. My breath hitches, and I relax immediately, not fighting the way he pulls me to him. The kiss he gives me is nothing short of pure domination and I give myself over to it. He grabs my throat in his hand and squeezes. I bring my arms up and clutch his biceps, encouraging him to take everything he wants from me. It’s over all too soon when he releases me and his lips leave mine. The violent blue has calmed, it’s softened, and I can’t help the feeling of awe that sweeps through me. That’s mine. Only I bring that out.His forehead rests against mine and only our heavy breathing can be heard for a few beats of time.

“Padrone.” I know what he hears in my voice. We don’t put words to it, but neither of us can ignore that it’s there.

“Thank fuck. I thought for a moment he was going to kill the only lead we had on Sebastian and Christopher,” Antonio states.

Morte Teaser 2



This is the fifth book in the Vendetta series, and it won’t be the last, because Morte ends on a cliffhanger.

I will say the character Allesandro truly shines in this novel.  What he’s been in denial about for his whole life after being groomed by his father to become Il Padrone is crawling out from beneath the rug where Allesandro has hidden who he truly is.

As for Emilio, he also goes through major character growth.  After what he endured (I won’t say what, lest I wind up adding a spoiler by accident), he’s fighting to survive the nightmare of it all.

These two developments in the characters are the meat of this novel.  Everything else, unfortunately, is rinse and repeat.  The war is building with the Irish, so there are scenes with them which aren’t really necessary.  There is a lot of sex that seemed, to me, to be filler, except for the scenes with Allesandro and Emilio that was related to plot and more character growth.  These were done brilliantly.

Luca, as always, is great in his scenes.  And he’s outshining Emilio for me, because I find Luca seems better suited for Allesandro.  They have some wicked chemistry together.

Morte is a great read for fans of Allesandro.  I really liked his development in this novel.

Morte Teaser 3



109297016_179666010232916_4358497146516811532_nLeigh is a dark M/M romance author from Texas with two needy terrors of terriers and a chaotic family. She considers coffee a major food group and her family fears broken coffeemakers. She writes in her spare time, forced to the keyboard by characters entirely too vocal in her opinion and often falls victim to plot monkeys.

In between creating mayhem with her characters and friends, her hope is to transport readers to fictional places and provide darkness with a twist.

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