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Today, I’m hosting award-winning and bestselling author Aubrey Wynne and her latest release Earl of Brecken, book five in the Once Upon a Widow series, a historical romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Raffelcopter giveaway.  And be sure to check out my review of this novel coming your way on Wednesday, March 31, 2021.



Earl_of_Brecken_1600x2400 copyTitle: Earl of Brecken (Wicked Earls’ Club)
Series: Once Upon A Widow, #5
Author: Aubrey Wynne
Publication Date: March 9, 2021
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance

A seductive Welsh earl on the brink of ruin. A wealthy cit in search of a hero.

Blurb:  Miss Evelina Franklin reads too many romance novels. She’s certain a handsome duke—or dashing highwayman—is in her future. In the meantime, Evie entertains herself with the admirers vying for her fortune.

The Earl of Brecken needs cash. His late father left their Welsh estate in ruin, and his mother will not let him rest until it is restored to its former glory. Notorious for his seductive charm, he searches the ballrooms for a wealthy heiress. His choices are dismal until he meets Miss Franklin. Guileless and gorgeous with an enormous dowry, she seems the answer to his prayers. Until his conscience makes an unexpected appearance.

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They re-entered the crowded ballroom, and the heavy warm air smacked her in the face. Pish and posh, it was only March. What would Almack’s be like in June? The odor of too many people assembled in one space assaulted her nostrils again. Snapping open her fan, she wafted it in under her nose and perused the crowd. She spied Fenella by the refreshment table.

Evelina’s breath caught. Standing next to her was the gentleman she’d seen while pulling her sister from hiding earlier.

“You look flushed, my dear. Are you all right?” asked her mother.

Evelina nodded. “I need something cool to drink.” She’d apologize to Fenella later for dragging their mother back, but for the love of petunias, she wanted to meet that man.

When their eyes had met, the moment had been dream-like. Her heart raced again, remembering the heat that had swept through her when their gazes locked. One hand cradled her stomach as she walked, but the pesky wings continued to flap.

They weaved their way among the attendees. She saw Lord Brooks approach her sister and the stranger with a wary look. It appeared introductions were made, then the unknown gentleman bowed and kissed Fenella’s gloved hand. His broad shoulders strained the well-tailored coat as he bent, then straightened. His smile was heart-stopping, the dark mustache making his teeth appear as white as new snow. He nodded at the baron who escaped with a look of relief. When her sister grinned, Evie’s heart sank.

Don’t be a wet goose, she scolded herself, you don’t even know the man. If he was interested in Fenella, she should be ecstatic for her sister. Forcing a smile, they approached the refreshment table. Guilt now batted the butterflies into submission.

“Fenella, if you think—” Lady Franklin stopped as the male beside Fenella bowed. “Do you know this gentleman?”

“Mother, may I introduce the Earl of Brecken?” Fenella turned to him. “Lord Brecken, this is my mother, Lady Franklin, and my younger sister, Miss Evelina.”

The earl bent over Lady Franklin’s hand and then took Evie’s fingers in his grip. Warmth seeped through her gloves, and her knees weakened. It was like a scene from a romance novel. He leaned over her hand, his burnt umber hair almost black. She could almost feel his breath against her skin.

The well-trimmed beard could not hide the strong jaw and dimple in one cheek. But it was his eyes that held her captive as they glittered dark gold and then green, as the gaslit chandeliers picked up the deep emerald of his waistcoat. She was mesmerized by the flickering shades, recognized the laughter in them, as if she and the earl were new acquaintances who shared an amusing secret.



AubreyBestselling and award-winning author Aubrey Wynne is an elementary teacher by trade, champion of children and animals by conscience, and author by night. She resides in the Midwest with her husband, dogs, horses, mule, and barn cats. Obsessions include wine, history, travel, trail riding, and all things Christmas. Her Chicago Christmas series has received the Golden Quill, Aspen Gold, Heart of Excellence, and the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and twice nominated as a Rone finalist by InD’tale Magazine.

Aubrey’s first love is medieval romance but after dipping her toe in the Regency period in 2018 with the Wicked Earls’ Club, she was smitten. This inspired her spin-off series Once Upon a Widow and the Scottish Regency series A MacNaughton Castle Romance with Dragonblade Novels.

Find Aubrey:  Web Site | Facebook | Facebook Reading Group | Twitter | Instagram | BookBub | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads | Newsletter



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