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Today, author Dee Carver is guesting.  She’s here to talk about her latest release Fay’s Wish, a paranormal romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


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fayswish - guest post
Amazon and Rankings

As we all know Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iTunes, and other online retailers are CMS (Content Management System) based sites. What some might not realize is that they are also similar to search engines, especially when it comes to their algorithms.

For example, when you go to Google and put in keywords or a question, the results will vary based on what you queried. If you took the same words and rearranged them, you would find that the search results have changed. The same thing goes with Amazon and other book retailers, the words you use make an impact on the results you get.

Why are some better?
Recently a conversation of why certain genres does better than others was asked. A lot does depend on the current market, but it also depends on the quantity of products offered. If you have a book in a genre that only has a 3rd of the same as a different genre, the results are going to be more refined and provide less competition.

Paid Advertising
There is also paid advertising that happens on Amazon as well. These paid advertisements will have specific focus groups that you might have found yourself in as well. Also, if you notice when you search something on Google such as a particular book or genre, similar results appear on Amazon and even social networks like Facebook. That is because of the cookies that are in your browser cache. These cookies provide websites information about what you are interested in, where you are located and even your buying habits.

So back to why you may have or may not have ranked higher on Amazon or another book retailer, as you can tell there are many reasons why this may happen. Some of them beyond your control and other areas where you need to take a closer look at what you are putting out on the web.

  • Marketing and SEO play a major role in what is generated when you visit online retailers. Of course, you also have the items that Amazon and other sites are pushing from the company itself.
  • To improve your listing, take a look at what you have on your Amazon book page, your website, and do a random search on Google. Look at the meta content and determine if you are still using the right ones and where improvements need to be made.
  • Knowing and understanding your target market will help you to determine what needs changed and how.

Do not rely on the various systems to take care of it, publishing a book whether traditional or self-published requires work beyond the last line of the book.

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fayswish - about the book
Dee Carver - Cover - Fays Wish Cover Final_375x600Title: Fay’s Wish
Series: N/A
Author: Dee Carver
Cover Artist, Editor & Manager: Cindy Wieczorek
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Shayla, Princess of the Fay, must begin the journey to discover her true power by leaving the island. If she’s successful, she will become queen. Her plight won’t be an easy one, for there are those who would use Shayla as a means to solidify their own position of power.

Kyle, Shayla’s guide in the human world, is destined to bring hope to the Fay even though his own future seems bleak. With Kyle by her side, miracles can happen, offering the promise of the return of the magic.

Once that happens, nothing is impossible.

**Only .99 cents!!**

**Get it FREE Jan 29-31!!**

Goodreads | Amazon

fayswish - excerpt

I awoke standing in the throne room, my Father in front of me weeping. An ethereal breeze lifted strands of my hair as I looked around the expansive room. No one else was there. Slipping silently to his side, I laid my hand on his quaking shoulder. “Father, why do you cry so?”

He shuddered and gaped at me, surprise and fear on his loving face. It nearly broke my heart.

“I do not understand. How are you here before me, when I know you are gone for all time?”


“I received word today of your death in the human world.”

Gone? His words echoed inside me like a yawning cavern, the torment and pain making me doubt my existence.

“I do not understand. Who would tell such lies to you?”

“Lies? I pray for lies. Even now, Jack and Aine travel by sea, bringing your body home. At first, I thought they were mistaken, for you did not fade. Then, I was reminded of the Fay who had fallen before you in the human world. They had not faded until they were brought home. The same is for you.”

Father had never been a fanciful or delusional man. He must believe in my death, yet I knew I dreamed.

“On what day did I die?”

He sobbed. “Your birthday.”

“But, how is it you are weeping for me?”

I got no response. Not being able to reach him to reason, I attempted to reason with myself. My birthday fell a week from now.

“He has been here for the last three days. I am the only one allowed to enter.” Fearghus stood behind me.

“You do not seem surprised at my appearance. Why is that?”

“You are not the first to die in no-Fay’s-land. You shall know unrest until your body is returned.”

“Die! I am not dead. Father said I died on my birthday. My birthday is not for another seven days. There is no limbo here, only a dream.”

“So…dream waking is your true power. Why do you not return home if your quest is finished? Before you truly die and all hope is lost?”

“Because dream waking is not my true power. I was able to do it before I left home.”

It was all the detail Fearghus needed to know, but his voice still grew feral as he stepped near to my ear. “Then you must hurry and find your true power. This is more than just walking in dreams; it is a glimpse into your future. A sign from the Gods of what is to come. I wished for you to learn your heritage while you are gone, not die from it. I give you five days. If you have not evolved by then, you should return no matter what.”

For the first time that I knew of, fear edged his will. “You know I cannot. I will not return to be given to Aidan, nor will I stand by while his family lays claim to what is rightfully mine.”

“I never wished Aidan on you, only for you to take your place as all Fay must do. As your Father did before you, and his Father before him. Rule us, Princess. Rule all the Fay.”

He came around to me. The determination in his eyes shook mountains. Drama for my benefit or his?

“You speak as though more than my taking the throne is at stake.”

“It is. My future is also at stake. I am fading but cannot or will not rest until you sit safely on the throne with your chosen King.”

I had an answer for him. I needed to believe Fearghus was concerned more for our people than I had given him credit for. “I give you my word as Princess of Fay, I will return in five days’ time, with or without my power. You must also give your word to help me out of a wedding to Aidan.”

His forehead furrowed and his eyes pierced into mine, but he finally nodded. “On your arrival, if Aidan is not for you, then another suitable husband shall be chosen.”

“I wish I could believe that, but you know as I do, the other Elders must also say so. You will need to convince them. Will you? Can you?”

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fayswish - about the author

Dee Carver - Author Photo_286x400My name is Dee, I am a mother of 5 amazing children and grandmother of 4 beautiful babies.  I began my writing career in 2004 because of a dream about a dress.

My First Novel, La Roe’s Curse was published in 2005 and nominated for the Golden Rose Awards the following year. It has been re-released and is available on Amazon and multiple platforms via Books2Read.

My Second Novel, Fay’s Wish was published in 2006 and re-released December  2019 and is available at Amazon and multiple platforms via Books2Read.

Both La Roe’s Curse and Fay’s Wish would not have been re-released except for the amazing editing help from Cindy, Personalized Marketing Inc manager.

My 3rd Novel Chocolate Seduction of the Cursed Seduction Series is currently being revised for future publication.

I am also working on a Contemporary Romance that is based in Upper State New York. Which involves a feisty motorcycle racing computer geek and a domineering CEO.

I have also Ghost Written 2 additional books, and written hundreds of articles.

I enjoy spending time with my children, being a grandmother, sitting down to a good book, and learning more about the career that has changed my life.

I am also the Owner and CEO of Personalized Marketing Inc. If you are looking for Personalized Marketing Inc click here I have been working online since 2005, beginning my journey as an Author, then a Reviewer, Freelance Publicist, and then found a love for websites, coding, most recently WordPress.

Education: University of Phoenix

2017 – B.S.A.I.T. with Advanced Software Development Certification

2020  –   M.B.A. with a Concentration in Graduate Marketing Certificate

Find Dee:  Website | Blog | FB Author | FB Promos | Twitter | Instagram | Amazon | Goodreads | YouTube

#PMInc will provide a 15% discount for anyone that is referred by or mentions Silver Dagger Book Tours!!


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