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Today, I’m reviewing the Holiday short story Sweet Child of Mine by V.J. Allison.  This is a sequel to book one, Stricken, part of the Feathered Tartan series, a contemporary romance.



123622393_2783750108569964_6099994922368072626_nTitle: Sweet Child of Mine
Series: Feathered Tartan, 1.5
Author: V.J. Allison
Word Count: 40 pages, 11,462
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Estimated Publish Date: December 25, 2020
Heat Level: 1
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Holiday, Short Story

In the city on the harbour, miracles happen.

Blurb:  It’s Christmas Eve.

Ewan and Marti Campbell are hoping to have a quiet holiday season, their first as a married couple, and the last one before their new baby arrives.

A crisis at the real estate agency tosses a huge wrench into their plans, as does the sudden onset of Marti’s labour. As Ewan fights to get home before his child appears, more crises are flung at him. If he is to make it on time to help his wife bring their baby into the world, he’ll need a miracle…

A big one.

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Although I have yet to read Stricken (the first book in the Feathered Tartan series, and the prequel to this sequel), I got comfortable right away with Ewan and his new bride Marti.

They are expecting their first child, but the baby has decided to come sooner rather than later.  But with a snow storm descending on their town in Nova Scotia, Ewan must battle to get home in time for the birth.

The story is 11k, but the author does a great job of fleshing out the characters and the plot to make this seem as if you’ve read a full-length novel.  The setting is rich and alive.  It becomes a big part of the plot as the author paints you a detailed picture of what snow storms are like in Nova Scotia.

The scene with the mid-wife and Marti were brilliantly done.  After reading, you close the book with a darn good idea what it’s like to have a child.  Seriously.  Wonderfully done.

As for the plot, I won’t say too much, but when I finished the story, I had a big smile on my face.  That stranger who comes to Ewan’s aid steals the story.

This is a sweet Christmas read that gives you a glimpse into life after Ewan and Marti received their HEA in Stricken.  Do yourself a favour and get yourself a Christmas present by purchasing yourself a copy.

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Have you read Stricken, the first book in the series and the prequel to Sweet Child of Mine?  If so, do you think this short story is the perfect follow up to the novel?  If you haven’t read either, after this review, would you be willing to now?

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