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Today, I have USA Today and NY Times bestselling author K.M. Scott in the interview chair.  She’s here to talk about her latest release Big Love, book two in the Finding the One series, a contemporary romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


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biglove - guest post

1. For those who don’t know you already, can you share something about yourself and how you became an author?

K.M.: I’m K.M. Scott and I’m a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 40 books. Most are contemporary romance, but under my Gabrielle Bisset name, I have two paranormal romance series and a few historicals. Before becoming a full-time author, I taught history in college. My tagline is sexy, intense, and unforgettable love, and that’s what readers know to expect in my books.

2. Which of your novels can you imagine made into a movie?

K.M.: I can definitely see my Heart of Stone books being made into a movie, especially the first three—Crash Into Me, Fall Into Me, and Give In To Me. Tristan and Nina’s story is practically made for film. I think my Addicted To You series would make a good film too, and After The Storm, one of the Project Artemis series books would be good also.

3. How long have you been writing?

K.M.: I’ve been writing for as long as I remember. In college, I wrote mostly nonfiction, especially in grad school for history, but fiction has always been a part of my life. Even as a child, I was a writer.

4. Do the characters all come to you at the same time or do some of them come to you as you write?

K.M.: Before I write the first word of a book, I’ve been listening to my characters tell their story for weeks, sometimes months, so I know all the characters early on.

5. Do you write one book at a time or do you have several going at a time?

K.M.: There have been times when I’ve written more than one book at a time, but the longer I’m an author, the more I get consumed by a story and can only write one at a time. The characters take up all the space in my mind, so I’m focusing a lot more now.

6. What is your writing process? For instance, do you draft an outline first? Do you write the chapters first?

K.M.: I’m a serious plotter—like VERY serious. Before I sit down to type the first word of a book on my laptop, I outline the entire story. If it’s in a series, then the entire series is plotted out before anything is written in book one. My outlines contain everything from descriptions, character details, settings, plot, and even dialogue. A book outline can be 50 pages long. More than one friend has said I basically write each book twice, and I’m not sure I disagree with that. But this way works for me, and most importantly, it helps me to avoid writer’s block.

7. How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?

K.M.: The idea for Big Love came from a song, which I can’t remember anymore, unfortunately. It was spring in 2017 and as I listened to this song, the story began to come alive in my head. A small town. Summer romance. A bit of intrigue with a sexy stranger. I plotted it all out and began writing it, but when I finished it in summer 2017, I didn’t want to release it just yet. So I put it away and then in the past few months, I remembered the story of Big Love and suddenly it felt like the right time to release it. I needed to read something light and happy in the middle of everything going on. (I have a lot of books written over the years that once I finished them I didn’t release them. Everything has a right time, and they simply haven’t reached theirs.)

8. What is your favourite part of this book and why?

K.M.: I love the story in Big Love, but my favorite parts of it involve Matt’s humor. While many of my heroes are more serious, he’s quite funny. The scene with him in the hospital with the doctor made me laugh out loud as I wrote it.

9. Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?

K.M.: The characters in Big Love, as with all of my books, are from my imagination. My writing is influenced by music, TV shows, and movies, but in the end, the characters spring from me.

10. Convince us why you feel your book is a must-read.

K.M.: If you love small-town romance with a dash of humor and a happily ever after that will warm your heart, then Big Love is the book you want.

11.  How about sharing some facts, behind-the-scenes, and did-you-know type tidbits about yourself, the book, and the writing process of your novel.

K.M.: The town in the book, Hansonville, is fictional but based on a town I lived in for a short time when I was young.

Big Love was originally titled By Heart. I give all my books titles when I begin writing (and actually can’t begin writing without a title), but often those change as the book gets written. The new title reflects the idea of romance that the heroine Clare has after having her heart broken before.

When I’m writing a book, I write 3000 words every day until the book is done, 7 days a week starting every day at 9 am. Sometimes that takes a few hours, while other days it takes up to 12 hours. Those days are exhausting, but I don’t give up until 3000 words are done.

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biglove - about the book

2 Big Love_400x600Title:  Big Love
Series:  Finding the One Book 2
Author:  K.M. Scott
Genre:  Contemporary Romance

From New York Times bestselling author K.M. Scott comes the second standalone romance in the Finding The One series! 

Blurb: Clare Schiffer has always lived in the small town of Hansonville, but she dreams of more than the ordinary life that seems so acceptable to everyone she knows. Especially when it comes to love.

She’s had mediocre love in the past. Now if she’s going to fall in love, it needs to be big and unforgettable.

And just as she begins to believe that only exists in movies, a brand new man comes to town. Matt is good looking and charming, and in no time at all, he’s won over everyone in Hansonville.

Except for Clare. Matt isn’t sure of much in life, but he knows one thing for certain. He’s going to make the beautiful brunette with the standoffish way his, and when he does, the past won’t matter for either of them.

Look for book one in the Finding The One series, Hard Work, available now!

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biglove - excerpt

He threw the sheet off his legs and spun himself so his feet hit the floor, but in just a second, his legs buckled. I ran into his room and grabbed him before he collapsed, barely able to hold his much larger frame up as he tried to stop himself from falling.

Helping him back into bed, I couldn’t help notice he had great legs. Perfectly shaped, tanned, and muscular, they fit the rest of him I’d seen the other day. Whoever this guy was, he took care of himself before he ended up lying in the weeds on the side of Highway 27. He looked like he would be right at home on a beach somewhere.

A nude beach. In some exotic location where gorgeous people with beautiful bodies spread out sensually on the sand. Far away from Hansonville.

I found myself lost in thought imagining him lying on that beach with those sexy legs and washboard abs slathered in oil and didn’t realize he saw me staring at him until he cleared his throat.

“So, are you a nurse or just someone who likes to check out people at the hospital?” he asked, tearing me from the final remnants of my fantasy.

Looking up from his legs now covered by the sheet again, I shook my head far too quickly and felt my cheeks grow hot from embarrassment. “What? No. I mean…no, I’m not a nurse and no, I don’t like to check people out. I’m here for something else entirely.”

He smiled and tried not to laugh at my social clumsiness, but it was no use. Chuckling, he said, “Well, if you aren’t either of those things, why were you looking into my room? Are you a patient? Do they have a psych floor and you got off it?”

“What? No!”

God, he was rude!

“Well, why were you looking in at me then?”

I didn’t answer since I didn’t have anything to say that didn’t make me look like a fool. His smile faded away, and a darkness settled into his expression. “Are you another one of those reporters from the local yokel newspaper curious if I got my memory back or someone from the police to grill me for the hundredth time?”

Instantly, I became defensive. “No. I was just walking down the hall and you barked out that you wanted a drink. That’s all.”

He leaned back and sighed. “Oh. Well, okay.”

I wanted to tell him to stick his attitude straight up his ass, but then I stopped myself. The guy was trapped in a hospital without any memory of who he was or what caused him to end up on the side of the road on the outskirts of a small town few people had ever heard of. No wonder he was cranky.

Not that he had to be nasty about things.

“I’ll get a nurse for you now,” I mumbled as I turned to leave.

“I’m sorry about thinking you were a nurse. In my defense, it was an honest mistake, don’t you think?” he said, confusing me for a moment before I remembered that I was still dressed in my vet tech uniform.

Looking back at him, I smiled. “Yeah, I guess so.”

He flashed me a smile that was a perfect mix of sexy and sincere, and for a moment I just stood there next to his bed staring at him. Dark-haired and fit. The newspaper had definitely gone with understatement this time. If I had to describe him, I would have said drop dead gorgeous with dark hair and eyes like a Greek god.

For the second time in five minutes, he caught me lost in thought about him and asked, “So if you’re not a nurse, why are you dressed like one?”

Once again embarrassed by the effect he had on me, I mumbled something about taking care of animals and then said, “I’ll go get that nurse for you now. For the water. A drink of water.”

Jesus, you’d think I never saw a good-looking man before in my life. I mean, he definitely didn’t look like the local guys, but what was I thinking calling him a Greek god. Even if it was only to myself, what the hell was that about?

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biglove - about the book

1 Hard Work_400x600Title:  Hard Work
Series:  Finding the One Book 1
Author:  K.M. Scott
Genre:  Contemporary Romance

From New York Times bestselling author K.M. Scott comes the first standalone romance in the Finding The One series! 

Blurb:  Zane Gilford has lived a blessed life. The only son of the owner of The Gilford House Inn, he’s benefitted from his mother’s extraordinary success. But Vermont was never where he wanted to be, and the day after graduation, he put the quaint country inn and everything about it behind him and never looked back.

Until now.

The death of his mother left Zane a very wealthy man, but in her will she also left him a surprise. For an entire year, he must run that Vermont inn he’s hated all his life if he wants to get one red cent of his inheritance.

Becca Fox has worked her way to the top of the advertising business and has the personal and professional scars to prove it. In her rare time off, she loves visiting her favorite bed and breakfast in the mountains of Vermont. When she finds a new owner running The Gilford House Inn, she wonders if her favorite getaway place has been ruined for her. He’s sexy as all hell and incredibly good looking, but he’s so cocky and arrogant.

From the first moment he sees her, Zane knows he wants Becca, but to get a woman like her, he’s going to have to learn to be a better man than he’s ever been. He’s got an inn to run and a woman to win. Neither is going to be easy. And time isn’t in his favor.

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biglove - excerpt

On Saturday morning, I paced back and forth across that ugly rug in my room while I waited for my meeting with Becca. I was very rarely nervous about seeing people and even more rarely nervous about how I looked, but with each pass by the mirror, I wondered if I should change my shirt from the blue one I’d chosen.

I didn’t necessarily feel insecure, but I wanted to be someone more than the person she thought I was. I looked good, but I wanted to be more than that.

More than just an attractive outside like I’d always been.

Stopping in front of the mirror, I looked at the man in the reflection and saw what I’d always been. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, my mother’s son.

And that was the problem, wasn’t it? Zane Gilford, the spoiled son of Deidre Gilford was all I’d ever been, so how could I expect to be something more now, even if I wanted to be for Becca?

I ran my hand through my hair and tried to dismiss those thoughts from my mind. I could be more than that person.

Pep talk finished, I walked downstairs and immediately was bombarded with employees in my face asking me questions as soon as I stepped foot into the lobby.

“Mr. Gilford, a man called today asking when you were planning on sending the payment for the repairs in the bungalows. What should I tell him?” Mandy asked.

“Mr. Gilford, I need next weekend off to go help my brother move. Is that okay?” one of the maids asked.

“Mr. Gilford, for the Saturday night meal, what should we be preparing for dinner? No one has sent me any menu, and as such, I have no idea what to order,” Tim, one of my two diva cooks, asked.

Nothing like being met with a cacophony of questions the moment my feet hit the dark red carpeting. I suspected they thought I’d snap at them, but I needed to keep trying not to be that man.

Even if I wanted to walk right past all three people right out the front door.

In turn, I answered each of their questions. “Mandy, if he calls back, tell him I’ll send the payment out tomorrow morning. If you need time off, talk to Kathy about scheduling or try to switch shifts with someone. As for dinner, I honestly don’t know, so I’ll leave it to your expert judgment. Cook what you want, Tim.”

It may not have been the happiest version of myself, but it was certainly civil. I was trying, if not always succeeding, at making an effort at being the kind of owner The Gilford House Inn needed.

While they hurried off to do their jobs, I headed to my office to get ready for my meeting with Becca. I’d compiled all the data I could find on the inn going back for the past five years. Tapping the papers on the top of my small desk to straighten them, I wondered if my mother had ever thought of doing any advertising for her beloved inn. Somehow, without spending anything, she had been able to keep the hotel filled most months out of the year.

But now, I wanted to see if I could do better.

A knock on my office door pulled me out of my daydreaming about how my mother had built a successful business on little more than word of mouth, and I stood to open the door.

Mandy smiled at me and said, “Becca Fox is here. She’s waiting at the front desk.”

I grabbed the papers and headed out to see Becca standing in front of Mandy, the two of them talking like they knew each other. She looked good in a pair of black pants and a pink shirt that hugged her body perfectly. Suddenly, the last thing I wanted to do with her was talk advertising.

“Becca, thank you for making the trip. I truly appreciate it. Can we get you anything? I’ve got a cook or two around here somewhere who I’m sure would be happy to whip you up something.”

She smiled and looked a little surprised at first before shaking her head. “No, no I’m fine, but thank you so much for offering. It’s very sweet of you.”

“I’m sure you’d like to relax after your drive, so what do you say to meeting up for dinner at seven?” I asked, changing plans and hoping this time she wouldn’t say no to my offer.

She smiled and nodded. “Well, since it’s for business, I don’t see how I can say no.”

“Seven o’clock it is then. I’ll meet you right here,” I said, my smile growing larger as I saw a look of confusion come across Becca’s face.

“Why wouldn’t we just meet right here in the dining room? What better spot to talk about how to advertise this wonderful place than right in the thick of things?” she asked.

“Because I’ve got another place in mine that I think you’ll love. I’ll see you at seven, Becca.”

I left her standing there with her key in hand, her mouth hanging open, and her eyes wide. Good. That’s exactly what I wanted. She was curious, which was a good thing. The more Becca was unsure about what I wanted, the better.

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biglove - about the author

KM ScottK.M. Scott is a New York Times and USA Today Bestseller of contemporary romance stories. A writer for all her life, she finally decided to take the plunge and seek publication in 2011. Under her Gabrielle Bisset pseudonym, she writes erotic paranormal and historical romance, but in 2013 she decided to branch off into contemporary romance. Loving what she does, her contemporary romances are filled with steamy sex, great dialogue, and happily ever afters that stay with the reader long after they finish her books.

Find K.M.:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bookbub | Amazon | Goodreads


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