Maggie Blackbird

Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

That’s right.  My young adult, m/m, interracial, contemporary romance, After the Snow Melts, set in the decadent eighties and part of the “Noted” collection through Devine Destinies, is now available for purchase.  Check it out!

He’s got to find a way to tell his best friend that he wants him—or lose him forever.


Rich, popular, and gorgeous Bryan Deschamps pines from afar for his best friend. He loathes the idea of helping Elliot score a date for the snow dance. With his time running out, Bryan must find a way to capture his buddy’s attention—and that means boldly leaving an anonymous card in his main man’s locker.

Grateful for Bryan’s friendship ever since he moved from his Ojibway community to Thunder Bay to attend high school, Elliot Wasacase can’t disclose his true feelings, or he’ll lose the one true friend he has. Upon discovering an unsigned card in his locker from an admiring dude, he’s terrified someone knows his secret but suspects the person might be Bryan.

When Bryan’s car breaks down, stranding them on top of the mountain during a snowstorm, the two must either take a leap of faith or let fear and clashing beliefs cost them what they truly desire.

Get your copy today at Devine Destinies!


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