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Today, I’m reviewing Forge in the Heart, a steamy contemporary romance by Lisette Kristensen.




Lisette Kristensen Forge in the HeartTitle: Forge in the Heart
Series: N/A
Author: Lisette Kristensen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: October 23, 2019
Pages: 57

You don’t cross my mind, you live in it!

Blurb:  Simone had it all. Wealth, power and influence. That was about to change.

She never expected Brody Felan, to walk back into her life. He brought a whirlwind of passion. A romance she had never expected to be in her orderly world.

Could Simone balance the two or would she be forced to choose? Brody or Family.



I was given this book as a gift, and I always read and review books that I receive.  Lisette is a new author to me and I must say I enjoyed this short story.

Let’s start with the conflict.  It’s there, in your face, right from the start.  Simone (love her name) is the heir of her father’s company, and together, they finished a very important merger.  As always, “daddy” expects a lot from Simone.  He has high expectations.  As his only child, Simone will take over the family business once he feels she’s ready.  Since he’s groomed her from infancy after the loss of her mother, Simone has always kotowed to her father’s demands, even while attending university with Brody.  She stuck to her guns and never allowed their flirtations or the chemistry erupting between them to go any further, because her father wouldn’t have approved.

Enter Brody.  He’s with the firm who will assist Simone and her father’s company with the merger.  Brody hasn’t pined for Simone, although he did enjoy their encounters in university.  But he figured she’d moved on to marry some wealthy man in her social circle, something Brody never was, having come from a blue-collar family.

I enjoyed the lay-out of the plot that throws the two together, much to Simone’s father’s disapproval.  The secondary characters also stood out, from Simon’s BFF Emma to Drake’s (Simon’s father) right hand man Harris, a former private eye.  I must say Harris intrigued me, his ability to blend into the background, the way he’s always there without being intrusive.  There was something rather mysterious about him.  I hope he makes another appearance elsewhere.

The chemistry between Brody and Simone sizzled right from the start.  She’s fighting her feelings but he isn’t.  And both must maintain absolute professionalism during the merger.

There is a big hurdle these two must tackle.  And the question is:  how can Simone juggle her father and the man she’s beginning to fall for without losing one or the other?  This was well executed.  And I enjoyed the ending.  It was very appropriate for the conflict and plot.

I recommend you get yourself a copy.  You can purchase Forge in the Heart at Amazon.

Have you read Forge in the Heart?  If so, do you agree with my review?  If you haven’t read the book, are you willing to now?


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