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Today, I have fellow eXtasy Books author Cass Ford guesting at my blog.  She’s talking about her latest release Prince of Sin, a contemporary, erotic romance.




The Fifty Shades trilogy opened the doors for erotic romance writers and readers like me, but there’s still plenty of shame surrounding women and sex and porn. With Prince of Sin, I wanted to continue the momentum. So I investigated the adult entertainment industry to learn more. What did I discover?

  • Awe-inspiring, sex-positive, passionate performers
  • Feminist and couple’s porn
  • Grimmer aspects, like inequality or the prevalence of scammers
  • Above all, porn is a business

Using my research, I created a fictional porn world to tell a playful, sultry love story. If you’ve ever viewed or read porn, I think you’ll enjoy it and hope you’ll check it out. But above all, instead of shame, I want women to feel pride. Sex is natural. Porn can be beautiful and pleasurable. So let’s discuss it! I definitely don’t have all the answers. But instead of suppressing or hiding our primal desires, let’s talk about sex (baby).



1. What inspired you to write PRINCE OF SIN?

With PRINCE OF SIN, my goal was always to reduce the shame surrounding women when it comes to sex and porn. Instead of shame, I want women to feel pride! Sex is natural. Porn can be beautiful and pleasurable.

2. What is a theme in PRINCE OF SIN?

One theme is feminist porn. As I researched the story, many women confided that they wished porn was made for them—less violent and more realistic. So I looked into couples and feminist porn, and that became a central theme in the book! Since 2015, when I first outlined PRINCE OF SIN, there have been giant leaps made for women in adult entertainment. I hope the trend continues and that this novel can be a building block for that important mission.

3. How did you research PRINCE OF SIN?

To research PRINCE OF SIN, I delved into the porn world. I found Reddit threads and articles that led me to emails, which led me to podcast tapings and porn shoots. I saw a gangbang, orgy and more! I went in without expectations and was pleasantly surprised when the majority of people I met from that world were incredibly welcoming and supportive.

4. Who are the main characters in PRINCE OF SIN?

The main characters are Chase Prince, a tormented bad boy porn star, known as the PRINCE OF SIN, and Morgan Sidney, a gossip vlogger longing to make a difference in the world. Both want more from life and push the other to achieve great things. They also push each other behind closed doors… with steamy results!

5. What are some of your favourite books?

New York by Edward Rutherfurd has been a favorite for many years. More recently, Rona Jaffe’s The Best of Everything completely captivated me. And then I go through phases where I read three Jackie Collins books in a row—her boldness and courage inspire me.

6. Do you have any advice for new authors?

Be open to criticism. All the workshops and critiques PRINCE OF SIN went through were worth it. You don’t have to implement every note a BETA reader or editor suggests, but you also never know where their ideas might take your story. And then keep editing! PRINCE OF SIN took so long to release because it needed a lot of re-writes. In the end, it was worth that extra effort.

7. What is your next novel about?

My next novel is a collection of short stories that weave together. It explores hook-up culture between Millennial and Gen Z adults. Inspiration was drawn from my twenty-something dating experiences, as well as my friends’ outrageous, strange and hilarious hook-up stories.



Prince of Sin Cover Image

Prince of Sin by Cass Ford

Title:  Prince of Sin
Author:  Cass Ford
Publication Date:  June 14, 2019
Genres:  Chick Lit, Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Blurb:  When savvy gossip vlogger Morgan Sidney gets assigned the breakup of porn’s most illustrious couple, she strikes a deal with her boss—if she scores an exclusive, she’ll get promoted. So when the famous and flirtatious Prince of Sin offers to fulfill her three wildest sex fantasies, Morgan must decide whether she’ll keep things professional or surrender and explore her sensual side.

As someone who despises the media, why is Chase Prince spending time with a reporter? Clearly, he’s intrigued. But can a scorched sinner—and the biggest smut star around—let a fierce civilian enter his domain?

Prince of Sin takes readers beyond Tinseltown’s glossy Hollywood Hills to Silicone Valley—for a behind-the-scenes look at a sometimes bleak, always risqué world.

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“Miss Sidney. My office. Now!” Chase bellowed from the Slander conference room, where just weeks earlier Morgan had first considered nibbling his lower lip. How she’d resisted, she’d never know. One thing she did know was that Jason had everyone work from home on weekends.

Morgan breathed deeply and entered the conference room leaving little to the imagination in an obscenely low-cut purple blouse and tight black pencil skirt that hugged her thighs. Her perched messy bun sat as rumpled as the paperwork she carried. After placing the documents before him, she slammed the hefty door shut.

Chase sat reading a magazine, feet propped on the glass tabletop with colorful banana-patterned socks peeking out from leather loafers. He looked younger than thirty in round, full-rim eyeglasses. But he embodied power and style, wearing slim fit dress pants, a silk button up and sleek skinny tie.

“Finally,” he huffed, completely in character, leering as he folded the magazine. “How difficult is it to make a few photocopies?” His almost-emerald eyes glowered, and she laughed awkwardly. But he returned a growl. “This isn’t a joke!”

“S-sorry Chase,” she stammered, staring at her glossy, pointed-toe heels while nervously shifting side to side. Blood surged to her head, cheeks reddening.

“That’s Mr. Prince,” he corrected, all domineering boss.

Her insides quivered, startled and aroused, exactly how she’d imagined.

“God, can’t you do anything right?” Standing to scowl down, he ultimately glanced lower, savoring her brimming V-neck. Pausing for a moment, he admired her shapely chest, the round, natural breasts he’d first noticed on their hike. Then he shook the papers. “These aren’t even double-sided, whore.”

Suddenly, Morgan dropped character and spun to face the door. “One second,” she said, leaning against the door to inhale a deep breath.

“What’s wrong?” He clutched her shoulder. When she didn’t respond, he decided, “We’re stopping.”

“No, no, no. You just can’t use that word.”

“What word? Whore?”

A jolt. “Yes.”

“Okay. Care to elaborate?”

Facing him, she shivered, eyes pleading not to probe. “Let’s just continue.”

He kissed her forehead. “Darling, we definitely need a safe word moving forward.”

“I already feel safe.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Fine, let’s use dingus,” she suggested.

Chase chuckled. “You have to use it, if you need to.”

“So do you,” she challenged.

He smirked, trusting her. “Now, Miss Sidney,” he proceeded, hissing and lifting a sheet of paper.

“It’s actually Ms.,” she retorted.

“All right, Ms. Sidney. Why aren’t these double-sided?”

“It must have been the copier!” she defended, snapping into character.

He tossed the stack, sheets rustling and scattering onto the table, chairs and floor. “God forbid you could check your work before handing it over to your boss!”

She looked to her feet.

“Let me show you how a photocopier works.” Clasping her forearm, he led her to the copy machine. “But what can we copy? Hmmm.” He switched the machine on and it zinged to life. “I know.” Standing behind Morgan, he reached around and unbuttoned her blouse.

“Mr. Prince!” she shrilled, feeling lascivious but turning to slap his hand, because that was what a real secretary would do.

“Are you no longer interested in that promotion?” His brows raised.

Morgan side-eyed at their scene’s familiarity.

“Did you just side-eye me? I’m your boss.” Whipping Morgan around again, he finished loosening her blouse to reveal a feminine black balconette bra. He slid her shirt down and dropped it to the floor. “Let’s show you how to use a photocopier.” Chase fisted Morgan’s bun and pressed her chest against the cool glass panel. The machine beeped as he added ten copies and hit Start. It flashed, hummed and droned, spitting out colored prints of Ms. Sidney’s bursting chest.

When it finally stopped, he released her and she twisted back to face him. “Are you done, Mr. Prince?” Her dark brown eyes glowered into his. She squinted, realizing his irises were two different shades—one green, one hazel.

“I’m just getting started.”

Morgan leaned desperately into his mouth, kissing fervently and gnawing on that lower lip. But he pulled away, slammed the copier cover down and lifted her right onto it. His steady hands slid under her skirt, up smooth thighs. “Should I distribute these documents at our next team meeting?” he asked.

“You’re perverted.”

Reaching her thong, he ran two fingers over the dampening fabric. “Your body seems to like that about me. Beg me not to pass them around the office.”

“You wouldn’t,” she dared.

He grunted in response, carefully inching the skirt down her legs, then lifting her off the machine. She shrieked playfully until he placed her on the conference table. As she reclined on her elbows, he angled forward. Their mouths grazed, then he nibbled from flush lips to her neck and collarbone.

With closed eyes, she welcomed his steady fingers slipping each bra strap over her shoulders. As his soft lips pecked her chest, he reached behind to unclasp her bra. She shivered as it fell to the floor, cool air chilling her nipples.

At last she peeled her eyelids open to an authoritative, aroused gaze. His hazel eye matched his ashen shirt while the green eye resembled a vivid forest. Morgan wondered how she’d overlooked their charm and longed to learn all his other subtleties.

Their hands entwined, Chase tugged her upright. “Now that I have you stirred up, Ms. Sidney, it’s your turn.” He guided her hands under his waistband to an expanding erection, then unfastened his shirt with an arrogant swagger.

“You’re my boss!” she whined. “I’ll go to Human Resources.”

He lifted a cleavage printout and said, “And I’ll tell HR you’re stalking me, sending me dirty photos like the dirty little girl you are.”

“That is not fair!”

“Life’s not fair, Ms. Sidney.”



Cass Ford - Author ImageCass Ford began creating smoldering male protagonists when she was five years old and convinced her aunt that she had a hot and heavy kindergarten boyfriend. In grade school, she penned tales on her parents’ typewriter and by middle school sold her own love and gossip magazines to friends. As a preteen at sleepover camp, Cass often told playful, steamy bedtime stories to her bunkmates.

After earning her Bachelor of Journalism degree and several TV/film certificates, Cass continued to hone her passion for storytelling as a television development producer. Born and raised in Canada, she now resides in California.

Find Cass:  Email | Web Site | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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