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Today, I’m reviewing Let Your Heart Decide, a m/m contemporary romance by Lily G. Blunt.



Let Your Heart DeicdeTitle:  Let Your Heart Decide
Author:  Lily G. Blunt
Series:  N/A
Genre:  M/M Contemporary Romance, Incest

Blurb:  New house, new job. A new start with his brother….

Two out of three isn’t bad, right?

Rhys returns to his hometown and must face the brother he’s been avoiding for two years. In his heart, Rhys still hopes to recapture the bond they once shared.

Jake willingly offers him the hand of friendship, but Rhys is reluctant to confront their past, fearing it will only rip them apart again.

When Rhys sees ghostly figures in the grounds of a local historic house, it leads him to investigate their shocking past—and to face his heart’s true desire.

**Please note this is a taboo romance featuring two brothers.**



First off, I’ll be honest.  I won this during a contest, and I always read and review books that I’ve won.  Second, I had no idea the book was about two brothers, so I was a bit shocked when I finally—duh!—noticed the warning.  But I’m an open-minded person, and I kept an open mind while reading.  Furthermore, there were societies that practised incest throughout history, so I made sure to give the book the respect it deserved for the author daring to tackle such a contentious subject, and also respect what two consenting adults decide for themselves.

With that said, I hope I can do this review justice because I’m not familiar with what I’ve since learned is called “brocist fic.”

The opening to this story is full of pathos.  And this drew me into the book right away.  The setting reeked of sweet loss, and the two coming together full of need and regret.  Well done.

The narration changes then to Rhys, the younger brother for the duration of the story.  He’s moved back home after fleeing two years earlier, determined to re-establish a brotherly relationship with older brother Jake.  But Rhys has a difficult time moving past what he truly wants.

Furthermore, there is a past from over a century ago that forces Rhys to address his dilemma.  He keeps seeing ghosts.  His hometown is rich in history, and next-door neighbour Philip is quite versed in it.  And Rhys learns the truth about the ghostly figures he sees, and he must then finally acknowledge what he feels.

I don’t want to give away the plot or even a hint of a spoiler.  Let’s say the author executes this extremely well, tying the past to the present, which helps Rhys make a decision.

The scenes of the brothers acknowledging their own past is well done.  There is angst, indecision, resistance, and finally acceptance.

The author handles this wonderfully throughout the story.  She also builds a strong plot and setting with the background of the old mansion, the old church, and the countryside.  Well done.  I had a clear visual and “feeling” of the surroundings and the tragic past of the people from over a century ago.

The more intimate scenes between the two brothers is handled with respect, tenderness, and love.

As for the ending, I did have to suspend reality because it did seem too accepting for what’s taught in Western Society.  I expected something different, and even for the author to have to move into a second book to tackle this issue, which of course I won’t give away, lest I spoil the plot.

Overall, this is a well-told story, rich in detail and internal narration.  I recommend giving this book a try.  As I said, the author tackles the subject matter with respect and compassion.

Purchase a copy at Amazon.

Do you agree with my review?  Have you read the book?  If so, what’s your take on it?  If you haven’t read the book, would you be willing to now?

5 thoughts on “Lily G. Blunt – Let Your Heart Decide

  1. zakarrie says:

    Thank you for such a lovely review of my favourite Lily G Blunt book. 💜 Let your Heart Decide is captivating, I adore it.💜

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    1. You’re very welcome. It was a wonderful read. Very touching and beautiful.

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      1. zakarrie says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more 💜


  2. Thank you for this thoughtful review, Maggie. Much appreciated.

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    1. It was a pleasure to read. Thank you for introducing me to your characters. I really enjoyed what they had to say.


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