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Well, well, well…I’m this-close to subbing Redeemed, book two in the Matawapit Family Series.  I’m on round number six of edits.  Then I’ll polish.  I’m anticipating subbing to the publisher mid-January.


WIP Wednesday

The Matawapit Family Series:  In the wilds of Northwestern Ontario, the adult children of a domineering Ojibway church deacon find their faiths crumbling and their beliefs faltering when a vengeful former lover, an ex-fiancé out on parole, and a seductive family enemy challenge Emery, Bridget, and Jude in a duel of love, loyalty, and values that threatens to destroy their perfect Catholic lives and family.

Here is Teaser #5 for Redeemed:

After almost four years, Bridget should have gotten used to the quiet nights while Kyle slept.  Alone, in the living room, glass of wine on the end table, a good book in her lap, the TV on low, she should savour these moments after a busy day.

Before Adam had screwed up not only his life but those who loved him, they’d cuddled on the couch and had watched a movie.  Afterwards, they’d retire to her bedroom.

The landline rang.  She reached over and grabbed the cordless.  “Hello.”

“Hey.  How are you?”

Bridget stiffened.  They’d already spoken earlier this evening.  If Adam thought to barge into her life just because she was fostering his son, he could think again.  “I’m winding down for the evening.  It’s late.”

“It’s only nine-thirty.”

“I have responsibilities.”  Unlike you.  “You know I get up at five-thirty.”

“Yeah…responsibilities.  You told me a hundred times when we were engaged.”  He muttered the words under his breath.

Bridget clenched the stem of the wine glass.  “What do you want?”

“You watch the news?”


“They pulled a body from the McIntyre.”

“I heard about it.”

“My old cell mate thinks it’s his daughter.”

Old cell mate?  Adam wasn’t supposed to contact convicts or ex-convicts during parole.  This man would never change if he was already breaking the rules.  “And why are you telling me this?”

“I owe him.”

“You owe him what?”

The light sound of the TV hummed in Bridget’s hot ear.  Adam was thinking instead of speaking.  He was probably calling her ten different expletives in his thoughts, had probably narrowed his thick black brows, had probably formed his sleepy dark eyes into slits, and had probably firmed his lush pink lips into steel lines to match the natural hardness of his face.

“I owe him my early release.”  His words crunched like footsteps beneath bitter broken glass.

“What does this have to do with me?”  She had better things to do, like watch time erode her olive-coloured walls.

“There’s a kid here.  Just got out of ’hab.  His girlfriend was Sheena Keesha.”

The wine trembled in Bridget hand and she set aside the glass.  For goodness sake.  “How old is he?”


Bridget would have to pry more information from Adam.  Why couldn’t he elaborate like everyone else on planet earth?  “Sheena was sixteen, the radio said.  He was seeing a minor?”

“Had his birthday a few months ago.”

“They began dating when he was a minor?”


“Was he also in the foster care system?”


“And Sheena couldn’t go to rehab unless her caregiver consented?”


“The caregiver didn’t consent?”


“Do you know why?”

“Dunno.  Lemme get the kid.  Hang on.”

“Wait…”  Yes, Bridget was concerned about Sheena Keesha, but the police never confirmed whose body was pulled from the river.

“Hi…It’s me.  Logan.  You wanted to talk?”  The boy’s introduction bubbled with excitement.

Bridget’s shoulder’s sagged and she sank in the couch.  This was all Mom and Dad’s fault for raising her to help others.  “Hello.  I’m Bridget.”

“Adam said you have some questions for me.  He said I could trust you.”

“You can.  What we talk about will stay between us.”  Bridget used her most compassionate voice.  “Tell me about yourself.”

“Uh…yeah, sure.  What’d you wanna know?”

“For starters, how did you end up in care?”

“My parents are wastes of space.  Y’know?  Been in care, like, forever.  I left when I turned the big one-eight.”

“Are you aboriginal?”

“Métis.  My dad is.  My mom’s white.”

“Sheena Keesha is your girlfriend?”

“Yeah.  We’ve been hanging for a couple of years.  We met in high school.”

“And Sheena went missing while you were in rehab?”

“Yeah.  I told her to wait for me.  I told her I’d figure everything out, y’know?”

“Figure what out, exactly?”

“Get clean.  Get a job.  Get a place for us to have the baby.”

“The baby?”  A boulder formed in Bridget’s stomach and her lungs teetered on collapsing.  She managed to choke out, “Sheena’s pregnant?”

Want to read more?  Stay tuned.  I will post other excerpts up until Redeemed‘s release through eXtasy Books.  Would you like to check out Emery’s story?  Here is a teaserBlessed, starring Emery Matawapit and Darryl Keejik is available for purchase.

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