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The Ivory Carver Trilogy by Sue Harrison

I’m starting another trilogy, this one by Sue Harrison.  She has two trilogies available, one being the Ivory Carver and the other The Storyteller.  I’m knee deep in Mother Earth, Father Sky, the first book in the Ivory Carver trilogy.

So far this is an amazing read.  Ms. Harrison breathes life into all of her characters.  You can hear them speak and experience their many emotions.  Her vivid descriptions draw you back in time to a place long forgotten on North America’s harsh northwest coast.  I highly recommend her books.  You won’t be disappointed.

Blurb:  In a frozen time before history, in a harsh and beautiful land near the top of the world, womanhood comes cruelly and suddenly to beautiful young Chagak.

Surviving the brutal massacre of her tribe, she sets out across the icy waters off America’s northwest coast on an astonishing odyssey that will reveal to Chagak powerful secrets of the earth and sky and the mysteries of love and loss.

The books can be purchased as a series or individually.

Buy Links for the Ivory Carver Trilogy:, Chapters/Indigo,, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Google.

Buy Links for the Storyteller Trilogy:,, Kobo, Google, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble.

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