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the pony wife

The Pony Wife by Beverly Bird

I must say I’m really enjoying Beverly Bird’s Native American historical romances.  The Pony Wife is the last in the novels she wrote.  I don’t have a web site for her, or any buying links because this book is no longer in print.  I had to hunt down a copy on the Internet.

Here is the blurb:  They called her Dark Moon, for she was born under the darkened light of a lunar eclipse–and blessed with the gentle gift of healing. As a woman surrounded by superstition, she struggled to gain the trust of her people through kindness and devotion. As a woman of beauty and passion, she was forced to divide her heart between the needs of her tribe and the one man who dared to love her. And as a woman of great power and strength, she vowed to challenge the winds of fate that brought the white man into her people’s world, threatened to destroy it forever. Hers was a special destiny of love, course and pride known only to…The Pony Wife.

This author’s Native American books are worth finding.  She breathes life into her characters, settings, and plots.

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