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Connect me to High-Speed!

No, it isn’t.  It’s quite limiting.  So I’m comforted with the fact there are ten million people using dial-up right now.  I’m not sure who these people are, but it’s still comforting.  Hubby and I live in the country, so dial-up is our only means of accessing the Internet.  Sure, we’ve tried to find some kind of faster service, but the Internet gods frown on us.  They are insistent we stick with dial-up (they kind of remind me of the golfing gods hehe).  Even worse, Bell Canada won’t upgrade the technology in our area so we can’t access DSL.  We can’t even purchase dial-up service from Bell.  Four years ago I was given the, “Sorry, that service isn’t available where you are,” speech.  Um, come again?  Not even dial-up?  I guess this means even Bell knows how mediocre the technology is here that they won’t chance providing dial-up service LOL. Anyhoo, our connection to the Internet comes from another company.

As a writer, this can be tricky.  All of my communication is done through the Internet, whether blogging, emailing, or downloading a big ms to crit.  Currently, I’m at hubby’s biz that’s located in town so I can access high-speed.

I guess this is why I’ve put off building an actual web site.  Having a free one through WordPress will suffice.  Mind you I’d like a better banner.

I do have a Facebook page, but that will be deleted in the forthcoming future.  Facebook is too hard to load, so what’s the point?  The same goes for other social media sites.  Yes, I still don’t know what a hashtag is haha.

This does make me nervous because I constantly hear if you want to be a successful writer, you have to market online.  The most I can do is try keep my lil corner on the ‘net updated.  I managed to a couple of years ago, but the more WordPress becomes fancier to use, the harder it was for my slow connection to upload a blog post, let alone any media.  But I’ll keep trying.  What’s important is making a commitment to this blog, which I plan to do.

So that’s it for now.  Chat you later.

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