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Where Heaven Begins by Rosanne Bittner

Rosanne Bittner is one of my favourite authors.  I’ve been reading her novels since discovering her work around the mid-90s.  When I saw the setting for her inspirational story—gold rush in the Yukon—I made an instant purchase.  What can I say about this book so far, seeing as I’m on chapter four?  Nice pacing.  Rosanne, as always, is quick to set the reader on the journey.  No dilly dallying, but no rush, either.  She’s great with creating realistic settings, taking me on the steamship up the California coast to Seattle.  The hero has made his appearance, retrieving the heroine’s bag that a thief stole at the docks.  This is one of those, “I don’t wanna put this book down,” novels.

Here’s the blurb:

With rough miners for shipmates, Elizabeth Breckenridge sets sail to search for her brother in Alaska, wild with the 1890s gold rush. When she falls overboard mid-journey, she is rescued by a man very unlike her minister brother– Clint Brady, a cynical bounty hunter who shoots to kill. Together, this unlikely couple struggles to survive the rugged dangers of the beautiful Alaskan frontier. Unexpectedly, Clint comes to love her, and proposes. Elizabeth returns his love, but unless she can help Clint see that heaven is no abstraction in the sky, the grip of the past could cost them a future together…

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How about you?  Any new additions to your e-reader?

4 thoughts on “What’s in my e-reader?

  1. Ciara Knight says:

    I love it when we discover authors that are so awesome we follow them through out the course of their career. I’ve never read a RosAnne Bittner book, but maybe I’ll give her a try.


    1. Isn’t it? Another author I used to faithfully follow is Johanna Lindsey. I kinda oopsed and let buying her recent titles slide. Bad me! LOL.


  2. I’ve never read a RosAnne Bittner book before, although the setting you describe sounds interesting. I have several books I need to read and review. I’m looking forward to getting started.


    1. She’s a historical romance writer–lots of stories about the old west, the oregon trail, settlers, etc. Her first book I read was either Sioux Splendor or Oregon Bride. Thanks for stopping by.


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