Maggie Blackbird

Romancing Canada's Indigenous People


Stephen couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He really believes I’m after sex. He doesn’t believe I really loved him. He sank in the chair, close to putting his hands over his face, but he kept them on the table. Could he blame Hudson, though? The poor guy had opened his heart and received a kick to the balls.

If they were going to move forward, Stephen would have to prove his love. If that meant having to take whatever Hudson dished out, Stephen would do it. He stared at his lap. “You said you want to go into the city for hookups.”


Stephen kept staring at his lap. The jealousy gnawed at him. If Hudson wanted a no-strings night of sex, then…

Before he could contemplate the consequences, the words rushed from Stephen’s mouth. “I’m a gay man. Why not me? Judging by your…reaction to me in Red Lake, I’d say we still share an attraction.”

Hudson’s eyes narrowed. “Yes, an attraction.”

“I, however, wish there could be more,” Stephen added in a small voice, “but you’re being quite clear about what you want.”

The glower vanished from Hudson’s eyes, and they became softer. He picked up the glass and swirled the contents. “I guess this is one time for old times. Or maybe two times for old times. Or three times for old times.”

Stephen sank in the chair. “I guess…I guess it is.”

The temptation to tuck his tail between his legs and slink from the house clawed at Stephen, but he remained in his chair. Somehow, he’d find a way for them to recapture what they’d once had, but how long he could hold out being used for sex, he wasn’t sure.

“Are we starting tonight?”

“There’s no time like the present, is there?” The smile Hudson bared was a smirk, hardly warm.