Maggie Blackbird

Romancing Canada's Indigenous People


Check out these wonderful authors who’ve kept me up late at night with their tales of fiction and non-fiction.



Kat Duncan:  Romantic contemporary suspense, historical romance, and non-fiction (books on writing).
Kathleen O’Neal Gear:  Pre-historic and historical romance about the Indigenous people of North America.
Nancy Stopper:  American small-town contemporary romance.
Vella Munn:  American contemporary and historical romance.
V.J. Allison Canadian contemporary romance set in the Maritimes.
Sue Harrison:  Pre-historic and historical romance about the Indigenous people of North America.
Louisa Bacio:  Paranormal, mainstream, and same-sex erotic romance.
Robin Deeter:  Western and Native American romance.
Addison Carmichael:  Fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi romance.
Janice Jarrell:  Contemporary m/m romance.
Zakarrie Clarke:  Contemporary and historical m/m romance.
Taryn Jameson:  Sci-Fi and Fantasy romance.
Wendy Rathbone:  Fantasy m/m romance.
Charlene Perry:  Canadian fantasy romance author of shifters, dragons, and more.
Sara Dobie Bauer: Bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romances featuring m/m and m/f characters.
Lily G. Blunt:  UK author of LGBT contemporary and paranormal romance, and owner of Gay Book Promotions.
Gina Manis:  Fantasy romance author and owner of the Romance Reader Review Book Blog.
Quell T. Fox:  Paranormal romance author.



Maureen Jennings:  Canadian and UK murder mysteries–best known for her Murdoch Mysteries series.
James Runcie:  Grantchester mysteries and literary fiction.



Louise Erdrich:  Native American literary and non-fiction.
Richard Wagamese:  First Nations literary fiction, memoirs, and non-fiction.
Basil Johnston First Nations literary and non-fiction.
Winona LaDuke:  Native American literary and non-fiction.
Brenda J. Child:  Native American literary and non-fiction.