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Today, I’m hosting USA Today bestselling author Heather Young-Nichols’ latest release Forever Jamison, a new adult contemporary romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: Forever Jamison
Series: N/A
Author: Heather Young-Nichols
Publication Date: April 18, 2023
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

After witnessing heartbreak up close and personal, I never wanted a woman for more than just one night.

Yet somehow, in that single night, Brynn has me wanting another. A month. That’s the longest she’s willing to date someone and if she’ll give me the chance, I’ll take a month.

She’s determined not to become her mother. I’m determined not to care about someone enough that losing them will hurt me.

But somehow the closer I get to our month being over, the more I want to figure out a way for her to stay.

Despite each of our pasts, I know that she’s the only woman I could consider a future with. The thing is… she’s not considering one with me. I’ll have to show her that I’m not looking to take over her life before it’s too late.

Brynn so easily turns me into the man I never wanted to become.

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“You said we need to talk,” I began. “Since I don’t know what about, I can’t really start.”

The young woman who was cleaning off some tables let out an eep sound. I turned and found her eyes wide as she stared at Jamison. He glanced up and gave her a smile and she went back to work, though very slowly.

“Right.” He ran a hand through the dark-blond hair that was already a mess on the top of his head. A controlled mess. A sexy mess. But a mess nonetheless. He took a drink then cleared his throat.

“You look uncomfortable,” I told him. Most of the time, I said what I thought and didn’t play games. Which was why when the lie had spilled from my mouth so easily last night, it had surprised even me.

“Nope.” But he took another drink.

I leaned over the table a little. “That wasn’t your first time last night, was it?”

He snorted then chuckled quietly in his chest. That was the result I’d been going for as I fought back a smile.

“No,” he assured me.

“Didn’t think so. Sure didn’t feel like it anyway.”

But that got me a cocky grin, like he knew just how good he was at that stuff and he probably did. He’d have gotten plenty of experience, I was sure.

“Anyway…” I prodded. Though I began to wonder what level clinger Jamison was.

It happened. Guys got attached sometimes, but I hadn’t thought Jamison would have. He was a freaking rock star. Those guys fucked whomever they wanted whenever they wanted. Probably. I didn’t really know any rock stars to know if the rumors were true.

But his bandmate Thatcher had recently started seeing Modestie Dubois. Now that fit the rock star stereotype. The good girl next door actress and the badass rock star with a playboy reputation… That itself was Hollywood gold.

“Right.” He cleared his throat again. “You left pretty quickly last night.”

I shrugged as my stomach tightened. “We were done.”

“Right.” He scratched at his jaw. It was so weird to me that he wanted to torture both of us with this conversation. “But usually—”

“Women look for any reason to hang around?” I asked. He nodded and I snorted. “I’m not most women. We were there for sex. The sex happened. No reason to stay.”

He furrowed his brows and fought a smile. “My sister says you’re me in panties.”

My eyes widened. “Why would you talk to your sister about me?”

“Whoa. Calm down.” He held a hand up briefly, which did nothing for the flight instinct that had kicked in.

You let a guy nut on your back and he talked to his sister about you? No way. That was almost stalker vibes.

“I didn’t talk to her about you.” He took another drink. “She showed up this morning and asked some questions. Wanted to know if she was going to have to get the woman in my bedroom out. I told her you already left. That kind of thing. It’s not like I gave her your name or anything.”

“Oh.” I relaxed. “Does your sister usually have to get rid of women in the morning?”

He shook his head. “Not usually, but it did happen in high school a few times.” A smile played on his lips. “Avalon can be brutal.”

“High school?” I asked. “So you were living the rock star life before you were a rock star?”

“Kind of. I was still in a band. Women love that. I don’t make the rules.”

I chuckled. Talking to Jamison was a bit too easy for my comfort, yet I didn’t want to stop. “We don’t make the rules, either.”


Heather Young-Nichols is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romances. A native of the great and often very cold state of Michigan, she is better known at home and to her friends as the Snarker-in-Chief. A job she excels at beyond anything she could have imagined. She loves many things, but especially cold coffee, hot books, and baseball. But not necessarily in that order.

Follow Heather:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | BookBub | Goodreads


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  1. Audrey Stewart says:

    Heather Young-Nichols has written some of the best book series ever. “Pushing Daisies” and “Gambling on Love” are 2 of my favorites.


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