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Today, I’m hosting author Erin Brockus’ latest series release Half Moon Bay, a contemporary beach romance.  Be sure to check out the sale.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: Finding Hope
Series: Half Moon Bay Series, Book 1
Author: Erin Brockus
Genre: Contemporary Beach Romance

Take one island paradise and add two wounded hearts, afraid to love.
Will their pasts be too much to overcome?

Blurb:  After her predictable and carefully ordered life is upended, Hope Collins is desperate for a change. This comes when she unexpectedly wins a scuba diving resort on the Caribbean island of St. Croix. But when she arrives to complications, her determination is immediately tested.

Enigmatic dive instructor Alex Monroe is trying to forget the past and only wants a quiet life. But that’s turned upside down when Hope arrives and he finds himself drawn toward her.

Both have their reasons for avoiding a romantic entanglement, but a series of mishaps throws them together and their resolve is challenged. Even paradise can have a dark side. Hope has learned never to trust a man. Alex has closed himself off, existing but not living.

When two pasts collide, their scars overlap. Can two damaged souls find hope in each other?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I completely fell head over heels for both Hope and Alex in this story. My heart is still melting. I seriously couldn’t put this book down.” Goodreads reviewer

Finding Hope is the first novel in the enthralling Half Moon Bay series. It is a slow-burn, sensual contemporary beach romance featuring compelling, realistic characters and an irresistible tropical setting!

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Slowly, Alex lowered his mouth until his lips brushed against hers, barely touching. Hope reached up a hand and pressed the back of his head toward her as she opened her mouth and brushed her tongue lightly across his lower lip.

The effect on Alex was electric. He groaned and crushed her to him. Hope kissed him back, her hands firm across his back, feeling the hard muscle underneath his skin.

He loosened his hold, lips still firm against her. One hand ran down her spine, while the other reached around to cup her breast, gooseflesh rising on her skin in their wake. The warm water swirled around her, competing with his touch. As his hand reached under her swim top, Hope inhaled sharply then pushed against him, feeling the rigidness between them.

Alex pulled away, water beading on his face as he grasped her face in both hands. “I really need to hear you say you want this.”

She whispered in his ear, “I’m done running away. I want you so much.”

He grabbed a handful of her wet hair, pulling her mouth back to his.

Another big wave picked them up and set them back down, unbalancing them both. Alex broke the contact and turned around. He led her back to the beach, drawing her down onto the blanket with him.

As he removed her bikini top, she couldn’t distinguish the sound of the ocean over the blood rushing in her head. His mouth tasted of champagne and salt—she couldn’t get enough of him. After brushing her lips one more time, he continued down her neck then lower, his mouth circling her breasts until she moaned.

Alex lifted up on one elbow. “God, you are so beautiful.”

Hope didn’t trust herself to respond to that, so she pulled him down to kiss him again, running her hands across his chest and pausing to enjoy the contrast of soft skin with firm muscle underneath. Finally, she traced her fingers lower and squeezed softly. His breath caught at that, and he smiled against his lips.

He broke off their kiss and sat up, pulling off her bikini bottoms. He shrugged out of his trunks and lay down again, the full length of their naked bodies touching as she pulled his mouth back to hers, immersed in the feel of it all as he slid his hand over her hip.

Alex closed his eyes and kissed her before she could respond. He moved his hand over her hip, finally stopping between her legs. Hope heaved a breath, giving herself over to the sensations, her pulse pounding in her ears as his touch sent jagged sparks through her.

Kissing him deeply, she drew her nails down his chest. Hope slowed her hand as it continued down and across his abdomen, softly now, the muscles underneath rippled at her touch. Moving on, she slowly caressed down his side, tracing a light touch against his hot skin.

Alex rolled over onto his back, taking her with him as their mouths remained locked together. Feeling the soft breeze cooling the hot skin on the back of her body, Hope moved her hips from side to side, grinding against him. He rumbled deep in his chest and rolled them back over. They were both breathing hard now, sharing the same air between them as their mouths devoured each other.

“Alex, I want you. Now,” she breathed into his ear.

He moved on top of her, and she inhaled deeply as he entered her, every nerve calling out. His eyes were full and brilliant, and he looked at her as if she were the only thing in his world.

They maintained eye contact as they began moving together, first very slowly, and then faster. Alex grasped both her arms and lifted them above her head as their fingers intertwined. She was immobilized by his body. Lost in his eyes, full of desire and trust, she was safe with him.

Alex gasped, closing his eyes and burying his face in her neck as their movement increased. “Oh God, Hope.”

Everywhere their bodies touched became slick with sweat. Glancing at the blue sky, Hope tightened her grip on his hands, breathing ever faster as the sensations within her built, wave after wave, as she closed her eyes and locked her mouth onto his shoulder. Alex gripped her hands tighter in return, crying out with her.


Title: Defending Hope
Series: Half Moon Bay Series, Book 2
Author: Erin Brockus
Genre: Contemporary Beach Romance

Hope Collins struggles to succeed in her new life. Alex Monroe begins to face his greatest tragedy. Can their love withstand the strongest of storms?

Blurb:  Half Moon Bay Resort owner Hope is settling into her new life in St. Croix when disaster strikes. Dive guide and former Navy SEAL Alex must act when the woman he loves and the resort they are both part of become imperiled.

As a new couple, both must make a stand. Hope finds her hard-won success tested, then must face an unthinkable betrayal. Alex is coming to grips with his darkest memories when his life is upended and he realizes some battles cannot be fought alone.

Together, they must fight to save what they’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Will Hope and Alex be able to face their pasts and triumph over the ultimate danger?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “This book should be a ten-star book it was so great! I did not want it to end.” Amazon reviewer

Defending Hope is the second installment in the Half Moon Bay series of sensual contemporary romances which feature mature, compelling characters and an irresistible setting!

**On Sale for Only .99 cents!!**

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Hope woke in their bathroom shelter some unknown time later. The howling wind was slightly less. Still an invisible evil spirit seeking to destroy her house, but perhaps less hungry now. The candle revealed Alex still sitting in the same position, the faint glow reflected in his eyes.

Hope’s eyes were growing heavy again when the night exploded with a tremendous crash as the house juddered around them.

“What was that!” Hope bolted upright, the blanket clutched to her chest.

Alex was already on his feet and nearly at the door. “It’s probably a tree hitting the roof. Stay here—I’ll check it out.” He was back a few minutes later. “Can’t tell what it was with the shutters down, but the house is secure. We’re fine. Go back to sleep.”

“What about you? Aren’t you coming?” She pulled her shirt on, settling onto the mattress.

“In a little bit.” He sat back down at the foot of the bed.

Finally, Hope opened her eyes to a dull, weak light creeping through the single shuttered window. The wind was noticeably lower now. Alex was still at the foot of the mattress, like he hadn’t moved at all.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“A little after six. Are you ok?”

Hope sat up, frowning as she tucked the sheet around her. “I am, yes. I slept, Alex. You stayed up all night, didn’t you?”

“I wasn’t tired.” He squeezed her foot through the blankets. “Besides, you snore. There’s no way I could have slept.”

She kicked him, laughing. “I do not!”

“I couldn’t hear the storm over you. Maybe you should see a doctor.”

She threw back the covers. “I’m going to make the coffee somehow.”

Hope lit several candles before finding a teakettle in a cupboard. She set it on the gas stove and used a match to light the burner. Then she started rooting through the kitchen cabinets. “I know I saw instant coffee in here.”

The kettle whistled as she found it, grasping the jar as if it were a priceless treasure. She’d made both cups when Alex came into the kitchen, wearing clean shorts and carrying a T-shirt. Handing him a cup, she said, “It’s instant, but it’s caffeinated and hot.”

“Thanks. That hits the spot. I’m not picky.”

“You don’t fool me for a minute, you know. I know perfectly well you stayed up all night keeping watch.” She wrapped him in a hug. “Thank you. I don’t think I could have faced that alone.”

Alex tilted her face up. “You never will.”

Their kiss was interrupted by a scratching at the front door. “Probably a tree branch,” Hope said. “I’ll check it out.”

She was wrong. It wasn’t a tree branch, but a school desk leaning against the front door. Where on earth did it come from? Moving it to the side of the porch, she quickly ran inside.

As Hope returned to the kitchen, the dim candlelight provided a little illumination as Alex poured water into his second cup of coffee. She moved her gaze to the bandage on his right arm, where there was a dark stain within the white. Then he turned to reveal something else. A purple stain covered his back from his right shoulder to his left flank.

Hope padded up behind him and slid her arms around his waist. “Oh, Alex. Your back is one enormous bruise.”

He turned around in her embrace. “It was worth it.”

Maybe she should apologize again, but he didn’t want to hear it. Alex’s need to protect ran to the core of him. Instead, Hope peered at his bicep. “I want to replace that bandage on your arm. You’ve bled through it.”

“If you want. It feels ok this morning.”

Stubborn man.


Title: Rising Hope
Series: Half Moon Bay Series, Book 3
Author: Erin Brockus
Genre: Contemporary Beach Romance

Blurb:  Half Moon Bay Resort owner Hope uncovers an incredible opportunity. Dive guide and former Navy SEAL Alex recognizes its potential and understands better than most the associated peril. They must overcome their pasts if they are to look toward any future together.

As a couple, both must learn to confront the unknown and explore new territory. Hope has proven her success with the resort and must learn to trust her own strength. Alex struggles to reconcile the man he used to be with the one he is now.

Together they embark on a high-stakes adventure that could end in an unbelievable prize. It could also be fatal. And when Hope faces the ultimate danger, can she help Alex to face his greatest fear? Can they rise together?

⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Rising Hope is a resounding success . . . absolutely stunning.” Goodreads review

**On Sale for Only $2.99!**

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The air was hot, and the scent of frangipani blossoms drifted through the back porch as Hope straddled Alex, slowly shifting from knee to knee. His nostrils flared. She was distinctly warmer than a few minutes ago. “You’re full of surprises. I wasn’t expecting that kiss in front of everyone, not that I’m complaining.”

“Well, after I declared under oath to the entire world that I loved you, I didn’t see much point in depriving myself anymore.”

“Yes, you are terribly deprived. But I think we can do something about that right now.” Hope set his beer on the coffee table and, still straddling him, pushed against him hard. She ran both hands through his hair, then pulled his head close, opening her mouth to run her tongue slowly across his. Alex rumbled deep in his chest, drawing her tighter.

He pulled her shirt from her capris, lifting it off. “Told you, it’s too hot out here for shirts. Bras too.” In a second, he had her bra off, tossing it on the floor as he took a firm hold. The cool afternoon breeze swept over her back.

Breathing hard, Hope leaned forward and pressed her breast into his mouth. As he began to move his tongue, she closed her eyes and arched her back. “Mmm, you make me feel so good.”

“That’s the general idea.”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

He laughed, then gave the same treatment to the other breast.

Without warning, he moved his hands to her hips, lifting her off him and tossing her onto her back. Hope caught a sense of his strength and power in how effortlessly he moved her.

Leaning over, he kissed her relentlessly with a hot, wet mouth. Desire arced through her—knowing with certainty he would do whatever she asked, or stop immediately if that was her wish.

Which it most definitely was not.

Hope groaned, pushing him away as she raced to unbutton his shorts.

“Feeling a bit feisty, are we?” he asked, then snapped his mouth shut to inhale sharply as she wrapped her hand around him.

She curled her lips up as she stroked him. He was already highly aroused. “Apparently I’m not the only one.”

Hope grabbed what she could of his short hair with her other hand, yanking him back to her mouth as their teeth crashed together. Now it was his turn to fumble with removing her shorts, and his own too.

She lay on her back with her knees bent together. After removing his shorts, Alex placed both hands between them, parting her legs and kissing the inside of one knee before moving up her inner thigh. But Hope wanted something else.

The other part of him. “I need you. Now.”

Waves splashed on the beach as she grabbed his upper arms, pulling, and he scrambled up her body as she opened wide for him. Desire throbbed throughout her body, and sweet, tender sex was the last thing on her mind. Alex was a large, powerful man, and she wanted that side of him.

Their mouths were inches apart, both breathing the same air back and forth with their eyes locked. Sweat had broken out over his torso as Hope smelled his maleness, his unique scent, which sent more blistering heat through her.

“Hard, Alex. Now.”

He gave her what she wanted.

Hope cried out and arched her back as he slammed into her, more than ready for him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, letting him in even deeper. The skin of their chests slid against each other as she gave back as hard as he was giving her.

She knew it wouldn’t last long like this, and from the sounds Alex was making, he was as close as she was. The thought caused her to peak, and she bit hard onto his shoulder, trying to be mindful of their outside location, though their house was well separated from the resort.

Alex collapsed on top of her, his back a sheen of sweat as he breathed in gasps. She ran one hand across his shoulders, luxuriating in the slick feel of it.

“Oh my God, baby. I need to have a beer on the porch more often.”


Title: Forever Hope
Series: Half Moon Bay Series, Book 4
Author: Erin Brockus
Genre: Contemporary Beach Romance

Hope Collins inches toward her greatest dream, while Alex Monroe grapples with one last ghost from his past. Can they make the ultimate decision—one which will affect the rest of their lives?

Blurb:  Hope never thought she would get married, yet her date with destiny draws ever closer. Alex must face one last test in facing his trauma, but he could never have imagined who this final piece of the puzzle would be.

Together, they uncovered a great secret, which will now cause danger for both. It also has the potential to change their lives forever, as well as those they love. Since Hope moved to St. Croix, strangers have become friends and are now family. Alex has learned his purpose will always be within a team, and he isn’t meant to live a solitary life.

Can Hope finally achieve her highest wish? Will Alex triumph over the past at last and face the future? Is their fortune to stand together forever?

Forever Hope brings Hope and Alex’s story to its incredible, emotional culmination, and lays the foundation for the next installment in the Half Moon Bay series.

**New Release!**

Goodreads | Amazon


Dive into a romantic escape!

Erin Brockus writes sensual contemporary romances set in exotic, tropical locales. She features mature, realistic characters you actually enjoy getting to know. Count on plenty of adventure with a focus on the ocean, especially scuba diving.

She was born in 1969 in Washington state. A great love of creative writing as a child got pushed aside by the expectations of Real Life and she went to college to become a pharmacist. After practicing pharmacy for over 25 years, it was time for a change. So, she reduced her hours as a practicing pharmacist to devote more time to writing.

She was introduced to scuba diving in 1998 by her husband. They have since traveled worldwide enjoying diving, and the breezy locales they visited formed the ideas for her characters and stories. Erin has even been known to don a drysuit and explore the cold, murky waters of the Pacific Northwest. She is also an avid runner and cyclist.

Erin lives with her husband (a scuba instructor) in eastern Washington state. She is currently at work on the next Half Moon Bay installment.

Follow Erin: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Bookbub | Amazon | Goodreads


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    Thank you for sharing! BTW, the series sale ended on June 3, but all books are free to read in Kindle Unlimited. 🌴😍❤️


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