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Today, I’m hosting author Tara Teffera’s latest release Love Reunited, book three in the A Divine Love series, a contemporary Christian romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: Love Reunited
Series: A Divine Love, book #3
Author Tara Taffera
Genres: Christian Romance
Publication Date: April 29, 2022

Blurb:  Elizabeth Carlson turns heads wherever she goes but has never moved on from Tyler Williams, with whom she shared a whirlwind relationship her senior year of high school. After only a month together, Elizabeth ran away from her past and her broken family. Ten years later, Tyler comes crashing back in her life, eager for a second chance. But she can’t forgive him for the order he issued all those years ago.

Slowly, a high school romance turns into so much more, but her secrets, and his anger, threaten to ruin their happily ever after. Will God’s grace and love lead them back to each other?

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I arrive at the restaurant early, but now I pace the sidewalk and feel the sweat form under my arms. Then I catch sight of Liz, and everything fades to the background. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her look so beautiful. Maybe the night of the wedding, but she ran out so fast, there was no time to study her. I take in every inch of her and am glad her dad is too busy parking the car to witness me devouring his daughter with my eyes. I can’t help it. She’s gorgeous. Her hair is pulled up into a loose ponytail, and stray strands frame her face.

I watch as she runs her hands down her light pink dress and realize she’s nervous too. I know she’s thrilled to work things out with her dad, so I vow not to mess that up. She looks my way, and when her eyes catch mine, her blue eyes sparkle as if I hung the moon, and the two of us can conquer the world. Before I know it, they’re in front of me.

“Tyler, this is my dad, Patrick. Dad, this is Tyler.”

I reach out my hand to his. “Pleased to meet you, sir.”

He gives me a firm shake. “You too, Tyler.”

Then she leaves her dad’s side, presses her lips to my cheek, and weaves her arm in mine. “Let’s head inside. Dad, you’re going to love Antonio’s. It’s a favorite around here.”

Once we’re seated and the waitress takes our orders, I let out my breath slightly. Still, it feels as if boulders press down on my chest. I don’t know how my girl senses my stress, but she does, so she squeezes my hand under the table.


“Yes, sir?”

“First of all, call me Patrick. Second, let’s get the awkwardness out of the way. You’re wound tighter than a top right now. That’s good. It shows me how much you care for my daughter.”

I adjust my tie, still nervous under his stare, even though his words are kind. “I do, sir. She’s everything to me.”

Elizabeth turns her head to me, and her mouth drops open. I chastise myself for not revealing that before now. I thought she knew. Didn’t that epic kiss at her apartment speak volumes?

“It looks like both of us are getting a second chance with Liz. How about neither of us screws it up? Deal.”


“Great. Now, let’s enjoy our dinner. What’s good?”

Liz and I relay the list of our favorites. It’s difficult to take our eyes off each other. Mentally, I send her a high five for how well this is going, and I know she’s doing the same.

During dinner, Liz tells Patrick about her job. It’s evident he’s proud of her. She’s brilliant at what she does, and her dad and I take it in as she explains her latest marketing campaign for a local sports apparel shop.

The conversation turns to Gina, and Liz tells him everything about the Andros family and how we all became friends, including Greg and Ali.

“God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he, Tyler?”

“That he does, sir. Who knew a bunch of Michigan kids would end up moving to Tarpon Springs and find each other?”

“Only the Lord above.”


He reaches for his water and moves the conversation elsewhere. “I heard you were on a baseball team. And pretty good at that.”

Turning to Liz, I see a faint shade of pink tinge her cheeks.

“I may have bragged about you a bit.”

The thought has pride coursing through me.

“My daughter tells me I will get to meet everyone tomorrow at dinner.”

“Yes, sir. And wait until you try Helena’s food. Come with an appetite.”

“My daughter gave me that same advice.”

“Wait, you’ve met Gina before, right?” Gina and Liz have been best friends since freshman year of college. Surely, he has spent time with her. Then, I watch his face fall and know I’ve said the wrong thing. Immediately, I’m ready to back track, but his words stop me.

“I wasn’t the father I should have been. I visited Liz once or twice at college. I met Gina a few times—college graduation being one of them, but that’s it.”

“We all have regrets, sir. At least we have God’s forgiveness.”

“Amen, son, Amen.”

I know it’s just a term of endearment he’s using, but when I hear him call me son, it makes me hopeful for the future. Of him walking Liz down the aisle, of our future children. I want all of it with her. Forever.


Tara Taffera is an avid reader and the author of A Divine Love Series. She writes contemporary Christian romance enveloped in God’s grace and love. Book two in her series, Love Unfailing, won the silver medal in the 2022 Illumination Book Awards in the romance category. The program shines a light on Exemplary Christian Books. Love Unfailing was also a semi-finalist in the Indies Today Awards.

She lives in Virginia with her husband of almost 25 years, a non-reader himself who provides valuable advice on her books—all those baseball scenes! He is one of her biggest cheerleaders, along with her three daughters.

You can find Tara on all the major social media platforms, and her books are available on Amazon. Learn more about her at

Follow Tara:  Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Tik-Tok | BookBub | Goodreads | Amazon


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