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For all you mafia romance readers, I’m hosting the Savage Bloodlines anthology today.  Be sure to check out the many experts.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: Savage Bloodline: A Limited Edition Mafia Collection
Series: N/A
Author(s): Kenya Wright, Amarie Avant, Xavier Neal, Keta Kendric, Courtney Dean, L. Loren, Lyndell Williams, Sage Young, M’Renee Allen, Tiye, C.D. Samuda, Tamika Brown, Shani Greene-Dowdell, Imani Jay, Siera London, P.E. Kavanagh, Cassie Verano, Amaya Black, Theresa Hodge, Kasey Martin
Genre(s): Adult, Contemporary Romance, Mafia Romance
Publication Date: March 15, 2022

Blurb:  Darkness lurks behind their gazes. There’s something sinister about their smiles. Their name incites fear in their enemies. They are the DeLucas, and there’s one word that describes them best. SAVAGE.

The men of the DeLuca family are proof that the more ruthless the savage, the harder they fall…in love.

Download this exclusive anthology featuring 20 BRAND NEW mafia romances to find out which DeLuca will make you fall in love. But first, you must ask yourself one question: Are you ready to give your heart to a savage?

Immerse yourself in this dangerously seductive collection that includes:
– Arranged marriage
– Friends to lovers
– Enemies to lovers
– Billionaire
– Secret Baby
– Second Chance
– InstaLove
– Second Chance
– Grumpy Boss
– And more!

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Be protected by Carmine DeLuca

I grasped her hand and kissed her knuckles. “I will always protect you, Celeste, even at the expense of my own life.”

“Why would you risk your life for me, Carmine?”

I interlaced the fingers of our joined hands when Agnello entered traffic heading towards the freeway.

“You don’t even know me.”

“Because you are mine and always have been.”

“How can you say something like that? We haven’t even known each other long.”

“I’m not a man who has a way with words, Celeste, but I know what I feel.” I placed her palm over my heart so she could feel the beat against her skin. “I feel it here. It scares me shitless, but I can’t change it. It’s there and it will never leave.”

Her eyes softened. “Carmine…”

Fall in love with Paolo DeLuca

She stood watching him as he stared at the painting of himself. Nervousness mixed with anger washed over her. She had the canvas covered for a reason. On one hand, she was nervous he’d be upset she’d painted him without his permission. On the other, how dare he invade her privacy. She pushed every thought and feeling aside. At least he was still here. Lyric moved closer as he continued to study the painting.

“It’s when we first met,” she explained. “How I saw you standing in that doorway.”

He didn’t turn around, just sipped his coffee and continued to stare at the canvas.

Lyric pulled a mug down from the cabinet and filled it with the steaming-hot liquid. She put cream and sugar in the mug and stirred.

“Thanks for the coffee.”

“Was this really how you saw me?”

He finally faced her, and Lyric nodded. “In the beginning, it was. You were new and shiny.”

He smiled at her description, and his entire posture changed. His light-brown eyes lit up and she felt herself falling. Lyric shook the feeling away. Paolo DeLuca was not a man to be falling for.

He paused, staring at her with an inquisitive look on his face. “And what about now?”

What about now? How did she see him?

Then she remembered her words last night. I see you.

That was true. She did see him. Just him. Not the name. Not the reputation. Just him.

“I meant what I said last night, Paolo. I see you. I don’t see the DeLuca name. I don’t see the reputation my grandparents warned me about. I see a man who is kind and loving. Protective. And a pain in my ass,” she snorted, putting her mug down, and walking toward him. When Lyric reached him, she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I see a man who I could fall for if I don’t guard my heart,” she finished on a whisper.

His hold tightened around her waist, and he kissed her on her forehead. “You should protect your heart, because I’m not any of those things you said, Lyric. I’m ruthless, manipulative, evil. A savage and you best run, il mio cuore batte, if you know what’s good for you.”

Prepare to be seduced by Nero DeLuca

“I swear you’ll be singing my praises when I’m done and bragging to the whole world how amazing your wife is.”

He looks unimpressed.

Shit, did any of that make sense?

Was I just rambling?

Why does he make me nervously ramble like that?!

In just three short steps, he’s dominating the space between us. Invading the territory like it’s his. Like it’s always been his, and I’m just renting the air I’m currently breathing.

The nervous tension in my gut twists and rolls like a tumbleweed prompting me to quietly plead, “Please, don’t kill me.”

I love hearing you beg, twinkle toes.” Delectable promise weaves into a husky voice.

Panic should pierce my system, yet my pu**y swells in excitement instead.

Dampens my panties.

Aches for action that requires me to do the very thing he just purred.

“However,” his pause is accompanied by a glare of disapproval, “I hate hearing you beg for your life.” A firm hand claims the nape of my neck, applying sensual rather than savage pressure. “You will not do that again.”

Between the passion in his grip and the imploring in his gaze, it’s clear his feelings are hurt that I would even think it. I thoughtlessly reach out and give a gentle tug to the bottom of his peacoat. “I won’t.”

Say hello to Giovanni DeLuca

The way Giovanni is looking at me right now has me wanting to squirm, but I hold my head up and put my shoulders back because sexy doesn’t squirm.

“So, you’re the boyfriend I’ve heard almost nothing about?” Giovanni is talking to Smith but looking at me with a death glare.

Smith chuckles good naturedly, “My Egypt likes to keep her business private, so I’m not surprised she doesn’t talk much about me.”

I smile at Smith like he’s the best boyfriend ever when I really want to burst out laughing at how thick Smith is laying it on. If Giovanni knew anything about my best friend, he would be able to tell he’s full of shit.

“Hmmm.” Giovanni scowls, and I know that our little charade is working.

I can’t believe the twins were actually right! Giovanni can’t hide that he’s pissed, which isn’t like him at all. Giovanni DeLuca is attracted to me!

I have to calm myself down because I don’t know for sure if he’s pissed because of Smith. But, I need to stick to the plan, and maybe it will force Giovanni to admit to wanting me. I know he doesn’t do relationships, and I’m not naïve enough to think that a leopard can change its spots, but I don’t want a relationship. At least that’s what I have to tell myself not to be disappointed.

“I see you finally decided to show up.” Carly’s snide voice breaks into the conversation.

“I didn’t realize you were watching the clock for my appearance tonight,” I say in an equally condescending tone.

I’m not at work, and even if I were, this bitch would never be any boss of mine. She better keep her slick comments to herself tonight, or she’ll find out that I’m not as subdued as she thinks I am.

We had an issue earlier with the caterer and you were nowhere to be found.” Carly grabs onto Giovanni’s arm like she’s the lady of the manor, and this is her party.

“There wasn’t an issue. I spoke to Susan already.” I dismiss her words. Carly is trying to make me look incompetent, but she should know by now she can’t. She’s been trying to sabotage me since I started working at G.C.D.

“Didn’t you say you wanted a drink, babe?” Smith caresses my arm, and I smirk at him.

“I sure did. Well, I can’t say it was a pleasure…” I smile sweetly at Carly before turning to Giovanni, “Mario will be here at eleven.”

Giovanni nods, but his face is blank as his dark eyes watch me closely.

“It was nice to meet you, Giovanni,” Smith says with a crooked grin.

“That’s Mr. DeLuca to you, Smith,” Giovanni responds like the asshole he is.

Smith chuckles, “Actually, it is Doctor Rogers. You all have a good night.”

When we’re out of earshot of Giovanni and Carly, I let out the belly laugh I’ve been holding in. Smith was the perfect guy to help me.

Enzo DeLuca by M’Renee Allen

Though he’d ordered her not to move, she couldn’t help taking a step back, matching him step for step until her back bumped into the shower wall. There was nowhere else she could run.

He stood toe to toe with her. Droplets of water dripped from his hair, splashing onto her breasts, causing her body to tingle in ways it shouldn’t be tingling. Against her thigh rested his length. Eve swallowed.

“It seems the gazelle has been trapped by the lion,” he whispered, voice low, deep, dark.

It took her a moment to find her voice. But even when she spoke, her voice trembled a bit.

“This gazelle bites back,” she warned.

He smiled. “This lion likes being bitten.”


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