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Today, I’m hosting author Sonia Palermo’s latest release Hot Girl Summer, a contemporary romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: Hot Girl Summer
Series: N/A
Author: Sonia Palermo
Publication Date: March 14, 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Blurb:  Sophia DeLuca is over casual hook-ups. Between her sister’s eating disorder, her track record of falling for fuckboys, and a lifetime of being written off as a shallow flake, “failure to launch” may as well be her middle name.

Under false pretences and a fake name, she meets Danny Pearce, an obnoxious musician on the opposite end of the millennial spectrum. Danny is cocky, rude, and a contender for fuckboy of the year.

After a series of serendipitous encounters and a secret gig, Sophia unexpectedly falls for Danny. But when he is faced with his own demons, Sophia must reclaim her power and forgive the past, or risk losing the only thing that’s real.

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“…Are you ready for your private show, Miss DeLuca? I figured since we missed the encore on Saturday, you deserve to have your own.”

He lifts the strap over his head and proceeds to tune the telecaster by ear. Slow hands begin to play, instantly transporting me back to the night of the gig. His breath in my hair, the beach, his car, his sexy but subtle Riviera fragrance. I can smell it now. Our almost kiss…

Long fingers move with grace along the fretboard, and my heart threatens to burst through my chest at the sound of his voice breaking through the instrumental. Fine lines deepen around his eyes as he closes them, a surrender to emotion with every brush of the metal. This is the sexiest and most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. To see him come undone to the music, to completely surrender, it undoes me as well.

With each repetition a new and subtle variation is born. His eyes remain closed, creating the perfect opportunity to study his face, and I swear I can almost see the music coursing through the veins of his exposed forearms, the way those little muscles flex every time he changes chords drive me wild. In twenty seconds, I’ve become the girl who goes gaga over musicians.

My scalp tingles, slowly spreading to my spine, legs, arms. The span of my fingers, the tips of my toes, and the warmth flooding my body sends me into a blissful, almost meditative state. He’s my own tailor-made ASMR experience.

Gaze softened, I press a palm between my legs, rocking my hips against it to relieve the building pressure. I imagine myself in his hands. Deft fingers sliding across my neck, moving down my body, tracing my curves with slow hands and a delicate, yet confident, touch.

Heavy-lidded, I visualise the roughness of his palms on bare, soft skin, swaying back and forth to the easy rhythm in an attempt to dull the ache between my legs. I want to draw out this feeling for as long as possible until the song is over and beyond. I want his eyes on every inch of my body, his mouth on mine, and his hands pressed between my thighs.

Music and breath thunder in my ears as Danny plays harder. Tipping my head back, I close my eyes, letting my senses take me on a journey. Every movement he makes, every chord change, every slight alteration in pitch and tone sends my pulse racing as subtle wisps of citrus and white florals perfume the air. I rock harder against my palm, a crescendo carrying me to the edge as my toes curl, my body jerks and I cry out.


Sonia Palermo writes fun, sexy, steamy contemporary romance with sex-positive, sassy-but-soft heroines and cinnamon roll heroes.

Find Sonia:  Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads


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