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Today, I’m hosting author Kristen Fullmer’s latest release, Christmas in Smithville, book four in the Hometown series, a contemporary romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Raffelcopter giveaway.


Title: Christmas in Smithville
Series: Hometown, book four
Author: Kirsten Fullmer
Publication Date: November 30, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Holiday

Blurb: Even though Gloria is determined to change her reputation, most of the women in town still think she’s a tramp. Sure, she may have dressed a little flashy and dated pretty much every single guy in town, but that’s the past. Now that she wants to make a fresh start, will Smithville give her a second chance?

Ned has heard all the gossip, but being the Sheriff’s Deputy, he sees all the kind things Gloria does behind the scenes for the folks of Smithville. It looks like the upcoming Christmas Pageant will offer him the opportunity to spend time with her, but can he overcome a frustrating stutter and talk to her, face to face?

Your favorite characters from the Hometown Series bring craziness, love, and Smithville Christmas style, to a whole new romance about overcoming your past and sharing your deepest secrets. Fall in love and be swept away with the Christmas Eve celebration of your dreams.

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Watching her from across the table, Ned couldn’t help but contemplate Gloria’s beauty. Her cheeks were still pink from the cold and her hair winked and shone in the light. And not only that, she was generous and kind and smart. How many women would step up the way Gloria had, especially after she’d been treated so badly? “You’re amazing, you know th—that?”

Still thinking about Nadine and the impending arrival of her new baby, Gloria was surprised by Ned’s announcement. “What?” she focused on the man across the table. “How do you figure that?”

“Look at you,” he said. “Nadine has been n—nothing but mean to you, and yet here you are, t—treating her like family.”

“You’re here too,” she said as she glanced away, her cheeks turning even more pink under her freckles.

“It’s my job,” he said flatly.

Silence fell between them as each considered their part in the situation.

Finally Gloria brushed her bangs back from her face. “I just did what anyone would do in that situation.”

He scoffed under his breath, but decided let the topic rest. “You can go home if you want to, I’ll w—wait for Robert’s mother to get here.”

“What about your job?” she asked, motioning toward town.

“The sheriff took over at t—ten, I’m off the clock.”

“Oh,” she said, staring down at her hands. Then she looked up and squared her shoulders. “I told Nadine I’d take care of her kids. It wouldn’t feel right to leave.”

He shook his head, amazed yet again, then a slow smile spread across his handsome face. “Fine by me…”

Wind rattled the window over the sink, but neither commented on the storm. Gloria squirmed in her chair, then stood and pushed up the sleeves of her sweater. “I see a coffee pot, would you like a cup?”

“Sure,” Ned shrugged.

Opening cupboard doors, looking for coffee, Gloria appeared to be contented to have something to do. “Do you work tomorrow?” he asked, breaking the silence in the room.

She shook her head as she scoped coffee grounds into the machine. “No, the spa is closed until after Christmas.”

He nodded, considering her answer.

Filling the coffee pot with water, Gloria glanced at him over her shoulder. “Too bad you can’t shut the town down to take a week off.”

He chuckled. “I g—guess so.”

When the machine was chugging away, dripping fragrant coffee into the pot, Gloria returned to the table and leaned on the back of her chair. “You have a beautiful singing voice. What made you think of singing carols on the walk to the car?”

Ned blushed and fidgeted with the zipper on his uniform coat. “Oh… I just figured… I wanted to d—distract the kids…”

Gloria smiled. “Well, it worked. They loved it. I think they nearly forgot about their mom. I’d heard that when people who have a stutter sing, they—” her words stopped short.

He flinched inside at her words, but he wasn’t offended at her reference. “It’s true. S—something about singing m—makes a stutter fall away.”

“I’m sorry,” she floundered, worried that she’d upset him. “I didn’t… I mean I don’t care if…”

Raising one hand to stop her, he met her eye. “I’m not offended Gloria, you’re fine.” But what he really wanted to say was that she had no idea how much music played a part in his life.

“Has it always been like that for you?” she asked, curious about her newest friend.

“As long as I can remember,” He shrugged.

“That’s so interesting…”

As the conversation lagged once again, Ned wished he could confide all his secrets to Gloria, including the biggest one, that he’d been writing her love letters. But he’d lived a double life for so long, in so many ways, that he had no idea how to breach the divide.

The coffee machine beeped and Gloria moved back to the counter.

As she filled two mugs with steaming brew, she chanced a glance his direction. The aroma of the coffee swirled around her, and combined with the storm raging outside, Ned could feel the conflict that was Gloria, larger than ever.


Kirsten is a dreamer with an eye for art and design. She worked in the engineering field, taught college, and consulted free lance. Due to health problems, she retired in 2012 to travel with her husband. They live and work full time in a 40′ travel trailer with their little dog Bingo. Besides writing romance novels, she enjoys selling art on Etsy and spoiling their three grandchildren.

As a writer, Kirsten’s goal is to create strong female characters who face challenging, painful, and sometimes comical situations. She believes that the best way to deal with struggle, is through friendship and women helping women. She knows good stories are based on interesting and relatable characters.

Find Kirsten:  Web Site | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


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