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June is I :::Heart::: Erotic Romance month at my blog.  During these next thirty days, I’ll be featuring authors who write erotic romance, besides the usual blog posts.  Today, I have Estelle Pettersen in the interview chair.  We’re discussing her erotic romance Lessons on Seduction.  Be sure to check out the excerpt.


1. What drew you to writing erotic romance?

Estelle:  I wanted to write an erotic romance novel with a thriller plot and an protagonist with a strong voice. My beta readers on a readers’ and writers’ platform also asked me if I would consider writing a steamy romance, so I did.

2. What do you like most about writing erotic romance?

Estelle:  Creating plot twists and character depth. I get to know my characters and their stories as I spend time in their world. Ultimately, it’s more than just the eroticism in the romance – it’s about telling my characters’ stories; who they are, their backgrounds, and what lies for them in their futures.

3. What do you like least about writing erotic romance?

Estelle:  Ironically, I’m challenged with the steamy scenes. To get them right, it takes research and also to make sure that the scenes are as realistic as possible. I’ve read stories with sex scenes that don’t make sense – some of the moves and positions are unrealistic. So, writing sex scenes is a lot of work, more than one would originally think. The end result is to get the scenes right.

4. Why did you write this book you are featuring?

Estelle:  I was looking for a story where the protagonist would break free from the conformities of her society, her family, and her world, and be brave enough to go on an erotic adventure with lovers who were willing to teach her a new world. The story came to me and involved a plot that had an evil villain, strong conflict, a few plot twists, and theme about empowerment and love. So, I decided to write it and test it out.

Other writers encouraged me to get the story out there, and my beta readers were thrilled with it. I took one more step and submitted the story to my publisher, Black Velvet Seductions, who accepted it.

5. Why do you think readers should invest their time in reading erotic romance?

Estelle:  Erotic romances are more than just chapters with steamy sex scenes. They’re different from erotica that explores sex in writing. Erotic romances have a genuine plot, often being a love story, as well as character growth and relationship development.


Title: Lessons on Seduction
Series: The Seduction Series, Book One
Author: Estelle Pettersen
Sub-Genre: Contemporary
Erotic Elements: BDSM and Menage
Book Length: 198 pages
Release Date: July 30, 2020
Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

Danger is sweet.

Blurb:  When college student Sapphire Blake finds herself fresh out of a breakup, she is ready to embark on a new journey in her life. A dark, sensual journey. Freeing herself from the expectations set by her family, friends, and church, an innocent and unworldly Sapphire begins experimenting with her new casual lover, Vera Richland.

Julian Richland is ridiculously handsome, smart, and intimidating. This university professor finds himself enthralled in a sensual relationship with a woman willing to pay top money for his time in the bedroom. To pay off his debts and continue leading his lavish lifestyle, Julian discovers the world filled with sex, drugs, and lies may not be for him as he first thought. With his contract almost up, Julian has his sights set on a new endeavor.

When the pair are introduced by none other than Julian’s own sister, sparks are ignited as Julian sees past the conservative stigma Sapphire believes the world has placed on her. Instead, he sees a sexy vixen—and he can’t help but admit he wants her.

As the couple begins a dangerous, passionate liaison, secrets become exposed and lives are threatened. Will Julian be able to save his relationship with Sapphire and rekindle the fiery flame they share? Or, will fate have another ending in store? Find out in this thrilling and erotic new adult romance novel.

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I turned left, headed toward the direction of bedrooms, and stopped when I reached the main en suite bedroom. This must be Julian’s room. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it wouldn’t get the better of me, so I dared.

I dropped my bag on the floor and walked into the master suite, which featured two dimly lit lamps and a king-size bed with a charcoal duvet and matching pillows. The unmade bed was the only untidy element in this otherwise clean home, indicative of either his most recent sexual activity or his forgetfulness to make the bed up. I doubted that it was the latter. As I walked past the bed, I noticed leather handcuffs on the crumpled duvet. The soothing sound of water running in the shower caught my attention, enticing me to take a sneak peek in the bathroom.

The bathroom door was left open at a forty-five-degree angle, and the pull of temptation gravitated me toward it. I was curious. I usually did not pry into the privacy of others, but I had never seen a naked man in real life, and I was ready to find out.

Oh, my lord! There he was in the shower, a beautiful man in all his splendor and glory. Julian was wet and naked, reminding me of the marble statue of the biblical, nude David by Michelangelo. Droplets of water ran down his hard, taut, body, all the way to the curve of his muscular back and firm buttocks, then along his sturdy legs. He rinsed the soap off his broad shoulders, chest and slim waist. His body tapered down like a perfect V, and delicate veins ran along his muscular forearms. His penis was thick and admirable, even in its relaxed state, and his testicles hung below. Eyes closed, he lifted his head to absorb the streaming water, and ran his long fingers through his hair, washing out the remaining shampoo foam, which flowed downward.

The heavenly sight of Julian in his nakedness, together with the fresh scent of the citrus body wash, triggered my nipples to harden and the inner walls of my vagina to clench.

Julian’s eyes opened and fluttered rapidly, making direct contact with mine. “OH, FUCK!”

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry! I was looking for a spare toothbrush and didn’t realize you were here!” I babbled in a flustered state. I was a bad liar.

He turned off the shower faucet, grabbed a towel, and started to dry himself slowly.

“Did you enjoy the show, Sapphire?” Julian smiled smugly, emphasizing my name when he spoke.
“I, uh, I’m staying over with Vera tonight, as we’re heading out for a girls’ night. I hope that’s okay with y-you,” I stammered.

“Oh, it’s more than okay with me, love. However, you haven’t answered my question.” Julian’s mischievous eyes dangerously twinkled with devilish delight.

“I like what I see,” I admitted, gazing at the towel, which he now wrapped neatly around his firm torso.

“Good. Now, come here, baby. Touch me.”

I took one step closer to Julian and stroked the blade of his left shoulder with my right hand. My fingers traveled down his chest and stomach, drawing him to release a groan of pleasure.

“That’s it. Lower.”

“Lower?” I gasped.

“Yes. Further down south, if you get my drift.”

My fingers traveled below his navel and down to where the towel met his skin.


“Stop?” I raised my eyebrows.

“Yes, stop,” he commanded.

Julian’s hands swiftly reached around my neck and untied my halterneck top, exposing my bare breasts to him.

“You’re exquisite.” His long, dark lashes lowered as he gazed at my topless body. I sucked in the citrus-flavored air as he began rubbing my nipples in circular motions with his rough thumbs.


Estelle Pettersen is an Australian author and former journalist whose romance stories explore empowerment, freedom, and finding one’s strength. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Journalism and Psychology, from the University of Queensland, Australia. Her second degree is an MBA from Queensland University of Technology, Australia. She is a member of Romance Writers of Australia and is passionate about history, languages, cultures, traveling, food, and wine. She is happily married and living in Norway these days.

Find Estelle:  Web Site | Blog | Facebook Page  | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram |BookBub | Linked In | Amazon | TikTok | Newsletter Sign-Up

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    Great interview! I really enjoyed Lessons on Seduction.


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    Nice blog! Enticing book excerpt.

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    Wonderful blog. I can’t wait to read the sequel with Vera’s love story.

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      Thank you, Callie, I hope readers will enjoy the sequel, Vera’s story 🙂


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    This was a great read. Nicely paced, with well developed characters.

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  6. I fell in love with the characters in this story. It’s a must read for anyone who likes erotic romance.

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    The self discovery in this book is great for women. You’ve created a lovely story!

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    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog, Maggie! I really appreciate it.


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