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Today, I’m hosting author RHAYNE and her latest series release Forbidden Love, an African American contemporary romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


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forbiddenlove - about the book

1 All I Ever Wanted_375x600Title: All I Ever Wanted
Series: Forbidden Love Series Book 1
Author: RHAYNE
Genre: African American Urban Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Blurb:  McKenzie Taylor worked hard building his successful architecture business from the ground up. Now, after five years of marriage, he is ready to start a family.

Sharon, his wife, feels neglected and doesn’t agree with him. She feels that a child would only complicate things. After all, if McKenzie doesn’t have time for her, how will he be there for his child?

Feeling lonely and craving attention, Sharon confides in Byron Jefferson, one of McKenzie’s clients. He seems perfect, giving her all the attention, she’s been longing for in her marriage. But is the grass really greener on the other side?

As McKenzie struggles to make things right between them, he notices changes in Sharon and hires a private investigator. To his dismay, he finds out that Sharon is not the woman he thought she was. Will he forgive her and salvage their marriage, or will he seek revenge?

Get ready for the thrill of your life. All I Ever Wanted is like being on a roller coaster, filled with twists and turns that will give you an adrenaline rush but leave you wanting more. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

 **On sale for only .99 cents July 13– 18!!**

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forbiddenlove - excerpt


I am thirty-five years old with a successful business, a beautiful wife, and a lovely four-bedroom home. All that’s missing is little feet running around, but Sharon’s not trying to hear it. Her argument is that I wouldn’t have time to be a father because I am always working. I know that comes from anger, because I’m not spending time with her right now, but things are about to change. I know I would be a great father; if only she would get on board with starting a family.


I am thirty-two years old, and I’m not ready to be tied down with a child. There are still places I want to go, and things I want to see. McKenzie provides a pleasant and comfortable living for us, and I enjoy the freedom to come and go when I’m ready. He is hardly home anyway, so I don’t understand why he’s so focused on wanting to start a family. A child would only complicate things for me.


“Dr. Morgan, I don’t want this baby.”

A look of surprise came over her face. “Mrs. Taylor, I think you should go home, get some rest and discuss this with your husband.”

I gave her a cold stare and repeated myself. “I don’t want this baby.”

“I hear what you are saying, but before you make any decision, sit down and talk it over with your husband.”

I nodded in agreement; there was no need to continue this conversation; she wasn’t listening to me.

McKenzie can never find out about this baby.


“Sharon has been acting strange. Well, I wouldn’t say strange but different. She is reverting to her old ways. I thought we had gotten past all of that, but I guess not. I just have this feeling that something is not right. This is why I called you today, Mr. Everette. I want you to follow my wife.”

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forbiddenlove - about the book

2 Fantasy_375x600Title: Fantasy
Series: Forbidden Love Series Book 2
Author: RHAYNE
Genre: African American Urban Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Blurb:  When Destini hires Chloe as her receptionist for FANTASY-an adult call center, they quickly develop a sisterly bond. But all of that changes when Destini meets Devin-Chloe’s boyfriend.

From the moment Destini met Devin, she wanted him for herself. Determined to show him that she is the better choice, she makes her move. But will she win his heart?

When Devin finds himself in the middle of a triangle affair, He has to make a decision, whether to be with the one he loves or his baby’s momma. The wrong choice could be fatal.

This passion-Filled thriller will keep you entertained and wanting more, as the drama continues with an unwanted pregnancy, attempted murder, lies, deceit, and betrayal.

Goodreads | Amazon

forbiddenlove - excerpt


“Let’s take it to the bedroom.” I took his hand and led the way. Everything inside of me said I was making a big mistake, but I went along anyway. I will admit it was a mind-blowing experience. Still, that decision was the worst one I could have ever made because it changed our lives forever.


I made a mistake.”

“What you mean you made a mistake? Bruh, you are married now!” Ricky retorted.

“I know.”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. Apart of me wants to annul this marriage, but the other part of me is telling me to stay, for the sake of the baby.”


I LOVE YOU. I’ll see you soon. As I stared at those three words, a tear rolled down my cheek. “I’m supposed to be your wife,” I uttered.


As I walked towards my future husband, there were a lot of thoughts running through my head, like, am I really ready for marriage? Will he love me despite all my imperfections? And so on. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous as hell, and by the way, Devin was wiping the sweat from his face. I knew he was nervous, too.

When I approached him, and he took my hand, my nerves settled a little until we exchanged our vows. I noticed when he said I love you; he was looking at Chloe and not me. That was a stab in my heart. After all, we’ve gone through these past few months, I thought, we were getting closer. We will be having a baby soon, and I’m confident Chloe will be a thing of the past, as soon as our bundle of joy gets here.


“Destini, I’m really worried. I mean not only for Chloe’s safety but ours,” she said with a concerned look on her face.

“I know, but everything is going to be alright. We have officers patrolling the area throughout the day, and we have cameras inside and outside of the house.”

Jeff and Anna were both taken aback.

“Cameras!” They said in unison.

“Yes, cameras. They are everywhere except your bedrooms and the bathrooms.” Anna walked me out to my car.

“Uh, Destini, about those cameras.”

“Nothing to worry about. We only review them if necessary. Mainly when we’ve heard that Chloe received a call.” I lied. I knew all about Anna’s little shenanigans, but now was not the time to address them.

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forbiddenlove - about the book

3 Forbidden Love_375x600Title: Forbidden Love
Series: Forbidden Love Series Book 3
Author: RHAYNE
Genre: African American Urban Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Blurb:  During her twenty-one years, Autumn has experienced more setbacks than most people have in a lifetime, but when she meets Antwan, a reporter for LA Times, things are about to change. She finds herself captivated by his world and wants to be a part of it. When the truth about Antwan is revealed, her world is turned upside down and their lives will never be the same.

Chloe and Devin are living the perfect life, but when someone tries to recover a debt from Chloe’s past, it could cost her everything.

Belinda is a professional hairstylist who seems to have it all together, but when she pursues David, a friend of one of her clients, she finds herself addicted to more than just sex and is left to pick up the pieces as her life spirals out of control. Can she recover, before it’s too late?

The relationship between Ana and Ty has gone from love to abuse. Although it would be easy to leave him, she is forced to continue a working relationship with him, which may be dangerous to both of them.

This page-turner will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat!!!

Goodreads | Amazon

forbiddenlove - excerpt


I stood in the parking lot of the county jail, waiting on Ty to come out of the building. He had spent a week in jail for beating me up, and I was reminded of that beating every time I looked in the mirror and saw my black eye. This was his first time beating me, and it was going to be his last. I purchased a 22-caliber handgun, and I swore I would shoot him dead if he ever laid another hand on me. Why I let him get away with it this time, you ask? Well, because I was not going to let him come between me and my money. Ty walked out of the building with his chest all poked out with pride. I smiled. Aww, look at you. You think you’re macho now, but you’re a dead man walking, I thought as I returned the hug, he gave me.


I was standing face to face with my worst nightmare. My past had come back to haunt me. Derek Mason, aka “Smoke.” One whom I considered a childhood friend until he expressed that he wanted more, but I wasn’t about that thug life and wanted no parts of it.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” He asked, breaking my train of thought.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you,” he smiled, showing a top row of gold teeth.

“How did you know where to find me?”

“A little birdy told me.” He opened his arms wide.

“Can a brother get some love?”

“You can’t be here,” I said, stepping outside of the door and closing it behind me.

“Ah, come on now, don’t be like that.” He touched my hair, and I stepped away from him.

“You have to go now!” I tried to push him towards his car, but he wouldn’t budge.

“After all, I’ve done for you, Peaches, you owe me.”


“Chloe, you seem not to understand this arrangement you and I have.” He looked at me. His eyes were cold, and his face tight. I could see his muscles twitching under his skin. “I have too much riding on you doing what I tell you to do. That means when I call you, you pick up. If I come to your hou-”

“Hold it right there,” I said, cutting him off. “That’s a problem, I asked you not to come to my house, and you did it anyway. What if my boyfriend saw you?”

“He wouldn’t have. I saw him when he left the house.”

“Oh, so you’re watching my house now?”

“Chloe, stay focused. Listen to what I tell you, and you take this to heart. If you fuck this up…” He lifted his shirt again. “I- will-kill-you.”


There was no way I was telling McKenzie I had taken over my cousin Destini’s phone sex company. He and Mercedes thought I was attending college in LA because I wanted a change. But the truth is, when Destini ended up in jail, she asked me to take over her business-FANTASY. And it had proven to be more than I really wanted to deal with.

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forbiddenlove - about the author

RHAYNE is the eldest child out of five. She was born and raised in Georgia, where she currently lives today with her husband and two sons. She writes women fiction and is the author of the Forbidden Love series, which comprises three novels entitled: All I Ever wanted, Fantasy, and Forbidden Love.

 Find RHAYNE:  Facebook | Bookbub | Amazon | Goodreads

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